Friday, February 29, 2008

Fav Phrase Friday

Harrison's Favorite Phrase this week:
"Mommy, I want Star Whores Rocketship for my Party!"
Exact translation would be: Star Wars Rocket for my Birthday.
You say Birthday, I say Party, whatever just get the ship, mom.
That's what it all comes down to now days. He even talks to me in song to the tune of STAR WARS! He gives a whole new meaning to singing for your supper!
He has had his awakening.

Confusing Party with Birthday is understandable considering that we have attended several Birthday Parties recently; but I've noticed that he tends to turn some regular phrases or words around often.

Another cute oops! he has is...
"You Show Me!"
It started a few weeks ago when Big Brother's mom stopped in to pick him up; immediately Harrison grabbed her hand and pulled her to the table to show her something saying, "You show me! You show me!" It was so cute, all could I do is say, "Are you showing Big Brother's mommy that?

Honestly, my mommy-brain has left me wanting for what it was that excited him that day.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It Was Only a Matter of Time...

Well, it happened - only not how I expected.

After class Harrison wanted to visit the office staff, he knows everyone and they love seeing him. We walked into an office where some people were winding up their lunch.

Shortly after everyone left Harrison was left to chat with his girlfriend, Pam (a youth director), when he noticed the little chatskies enclosed in the glass on the front of a desk.

He began to examine and comment on them, at the discovery of a certain figurine, he excitedly yelled, "Jesus! Look it's Jesus!"

"That's a Rabbi,, Harrison" I answered.

"Mommy, NO it's Jesus!"

"He kinda looks like Jesus but this is the Rabbi's office..." Doh!

"IT'S JESUS!" he firmly exclaims.

Pam offered through her laughter, "Well, Jesus was a Rabbi."

See what happens when the Rabbi's away...

I have since shared the moment to the Rabbi upon his return from sabbatical. He fully enjoyed this story and has passed it on to others.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Okay 3 words, over and over and over and over...

First I spotted the latest in footwear fashion, Robot shoes ala DVD cases from Ikea.

Then I hear, I'm. A. Robot. I'm. A. Robot...

So I look up to see this:

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Daddy Files - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Last night we were winding down for bed time when Harrison said to me, "I don't want mommy to put me to bed, I want daddy to put me to bed."

This has actually been the norm for the last couple of weeks. He is in a "daddy" phase.

He goes and climbs into the GID's lap and asks, "Daddy, you take me to bed? please daddy, Come on. Pleeease."

The GID responds, "No, I don't think so. I can't tonight. I think Dukie-dog is going to put you to bed tonight. What do you think of that?"

Short pause as Harrison glances at the sleeping dog.

He lifts his arms up palms out and exclaims, "Dukie has no hands!"

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Best Shot Monday - Riding Roller Coasters

I don't remember my first roller coaster ride. I remember visiting Denver's Eliche Gardens as a child, but I don't think I rode a roller coaster. In fact, what I do remember is that it felt like a State Fair carnival only larger; and I hate State Fair Carnivals. That was LONG before Six Flags operated it; of course it is no longer a Six Flags park as of December 2007. Speaking of Six Flags, I've ridden almost all the roller coasters at Magic Mountain multiple times; but I think the only clear memory of somewhere near my first roller coaster ride would be at Disneyland when I was 12 years old, the Matterhorn, and later Space Mountain. There is one thing that I can say about riding that roller coaster back then, I didn't take my hands off the rail. Not until I was much older (and even then I don't do it for long.)

Click in the picture for a larger view.

The same can't be said for Harrison, ultimately he may not remember his first ride, but he will have it in pictures. And at not even three-years-old yet, that boy threw his hands up in the air as he went down and around those turns like he was an old pro when he rode the Gadget-go rollercoaster at Disneyland's Toon Town.

Since we were moving at a good speed, I couldn't really get good pictures; there's only one of his arms flung in the air, but you get the idea. So for my best shot this Monday, I'm giving you a little story of rollercoaster riding at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Now if it would only stop raining so we can go again!

Head over to Tracey's at Mother May I for more best shots.

Friday, February 22, 2008

My new Magazine!


You can find me here today! Because, well, it really was all about me...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Good Fortune All Around

Recently (okay some time ago, now. Like a MONTH ago already!) I was reading a post over at Carrie’s blog. She posted some fortunes from cookies and asked her readers to guess what fortune belonged to whom. I figured why not try. Well, I guessed right! Go figure. Next thing I know she is sending a sweet little prize…a bag of yummy fortune cookies.

Oh, yes. Very Yummy – as these cookies were dipped in white chocolate! So first I must say a BIG thank you to Carrie. Thank you!!

We opened our fortune cookies (to find said yummy while chocolate) one evening and read our fortunes out loud. Honestly, nothing too exciting, cute, or worth framing. Not the experience that Carrie et. al. had.

We showed Harrison how to break the cookie open and take out the paper.

“What’s it say?” we asked.

He mimics how we held it between our thumbs and pointer fingers, looks at it as if he IS reading and responds,

“It says - eat a cookies now!”

His actual fortune - "Adventure Awaits You."

Awaits? Heck, it's already arrived!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Theme Thurday - Texture - 2 years old

I used texture to mask and darken the background. His eyes are still blue but they got lost in the upload. Hmm.

Maybe I will revisit this picture and try some fun brushes in that dark area. Nothing more for now. But don't leave without stopping over at Stacy's place for more texture loveliness.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Man Behind the Boy

Funny over at Shutter Sisters Kate mentioned that our husbands are often trumped by our children in pictures, that's true here, but it also may be that neither of us jump in front of the camera often. If anything it's quite the opposite. Ironically, I was going through some pictures last night and found a picture of the G.I.D. from last year right after he went "au naturale" up top. I realized that we just don't get a lot of pictures of us with Harrison - or just pictures of us in general. So when I saw the post at Shutter Sisters, I knew I had to post this picture of the Guy I Dig.

I love this picture, he is relaxed, kicked back and happy. Without this man, I could not raise this child.

Here he is as the new dad. (again.)

Raising a teenager and a toddler at the same time definitely has it's challenges - and sacrifices. There are those days when we both feel it. We loved just going out to dinner or a movie at the drop of a hat. That is on hold - for a time. It's even harder when one doesn't have family near by to come over and hang out while we get a little "us" time. We have to carve it out. We make the effort because it's worth it, we have two beautiful boys prove that.

I wouldn't want it any other way, I love the man behind the boy. I love the little things he does for me and the jokes he makes, the sound of his voice when I talk to him on the phone, the feel of his arms around me at night, the incredible smile he has and the patience of Job to put up with me through all of the trying times.

And I love watching him with Harrison, playing with him, carrying him on his shoulders, laughing with him and having their time together - father and son. I look forward to what the future brings us.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Daddy Files - Maybe He'll Be a Biker When He Grows Up

I made a quick trip to the library the other day to return some books while Harrison was finishing off his nap. the GID is sick now too and I wanted to get back quickly. I was gone for a about half and an hour; long enough for H. to wake up, get his diaper changed and, well...

What does happen when the sick husband is left in charge of the child??

Exhibit A: Marker tattoos - the new vogue.
I was greeted at the door with, "Mommy! Look my arms colored! I love my colored arms!"

What could I do? He was SO proud at the work of his hand; I burst out laughing and got the camera! We then scrubbed down and took an early bath. Thank goodness for Washable Markers!

Exihibit B: Is he a biker at heart? Oh dear.

The G.I.D. came flying out of the office at the squeal of Harrison's delight.

"I thought it seems too quiet out here..."

Ya think?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fav Phrase Friday - I'm a BIG BOY.

Yup, we are only weeks away from 3 years old. It really is hard to believe.

I honestly don't know whats worse, watching the "baby boy" melt away so quickly before my eyes or having a living, moving, breathing hourglass - showing me JUST HOW quickly 3 years has ticked away. Either way, I find myself slightly melancholy over Harrison's 3rd birthday. Yet, our time together justs gets better and better each day in terms of relating and interacting. It's a delight to take him on new adventures and watch him discover EVERYTHING and then tell me what he liked and didn't like or4 what he wants to do next.

This new chapter also brings a struggle for independence within his little being. It comes out in all the regular toddler ways, but it also comes out in his words.


He is fascinated with Star Wars, not that he sees much of it, in fact he hasn't watched it all lately, but he remembers. These toddlers have the memory of an elephant!

We went to a birthday party a couple weeks ago and a few days later Harrison started telling me that he wants "A saw whores rocketship for my party" (Yes, he really does pronounce it like that and NOT like 'horse'.) He calls his birthday - his party.

You see, Big Brother has a couple really nice Star Wars toys/models/Lego sets on the shelf in his bedroom. It's like Little Brother heaven in that room.

Well, we go to Target one day with the promise that Harrison can look at Star Wars toys. [BUT we're NOT taking anything home.]

When we get to the Lego isle, there they are - STAR WARS LEGOS - all marked for kids 6 years and up.

"Saw Whores, Mommy!"

"Harrison, we need to look for some other toys, these are for big boys."


How can you argue that?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

BTW- Happy Valentines Day!

Just a little love to you...
and a picture from Harrison's first V-day

Thurday Theme - Pure Joy

Stacy over at Land Of K.A. talked about being a "purist" when taking pictures. Meaning, do you post right out of camera or do you edit them afterward. I'm not a purist, although I would LOVE to have it right every time coming out of the camera.

But when it's not right, I have an option to "save" a potentially good picture to would otherwise get stuck downloaded heaven; and I can also turn pictures into art. I love PhotoShop, it's an extension of the artist's hand.

So I love being able to just up load a good picture or playing with a picture to make it more interesting.

On Tuesday, we stopped at the beach, the weather was PERFECT. The sky was clear, it was warm and Harrison ran and ran after being cooped up in the house for the last week getting over his illness.

For Harrison - it was PURE JOY.

Shortly after we got a home, a HUGE fog bank rolled in, as if the sunshine had never happened. Crazy.



Head over to Land of K.A. for more pure joy of all things photography.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not Going to Miss the Free Pancakes!

Today was Free Pancake day at IHOP supporting the Children's Miracle Network.

Well considering what my house looked like after several days of being cooped up sick, and watching Harrison running around (feeling somewhat better) in circles like a mad dog *no* mad man *no* mad chicken... it was a good reason to forgo cleaning and get some yummy, albeit - not so healthy for you, pancakes!

After said yummy pancakes we made our donation to the Children's Miracle Network and paid our *GULP* 4 dollars for a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee.

Yup, look at him go with the "big boy" fork and cup!

Now I just have to clean the house...

Ugh, I think I'll go to Starbucks.

Monday, February 11, 2008

BSM - Harrison's Point of View

Quite frankly, MY best shot would be of Harrison on Saturday's post, but *as much as I wish the case were true sometimes* it's NOT always about ME.

On Saturday, as Harrison got ready for nap, he told daddy (whom Harrison had appointed nap duty to that day.) about how he took some pictures -
of his Mac&Cheese (and best shot this Monday):

I am quite impressed with this shot, I lighted it up around the edges a bit, but that's really it. He stood up on his chair and took the picture. Not too bad for an almost 3-year-old.
I wonder if Jen over at Simply Breakfast needs a protégé?
Maybe Harrison can start a blog called "Simply Toddler Lunch"? Ya think?

of his Mommy:

Okay, so in my vanity I converted this Horrible picture of me well composed picture to black and white so as to somewhat mask my pastey, not-feeling-so-well, didn't-get-much-sleep look.

of his Mommy's knee:

I didn't touch this picture at all!

Oh and a picture of the TV, but if you've seen one TV, you've seen them all. Don't you think? Seriousy, I think I need to start shooting with my old p&s again, no blurry shots at all! That's with a 2-year-old holding it, too! He's a better photographer then I am!!

I missed my "wake up call" this morning but Tracey had a nice one! I'm sure you've already seen all the best shots at Mother May I today, so I'll head over to see what y'all came up with! Happy Monday Evening!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Looking to Invest in Facial Tissue Stock...



Will this ever end? Am I being punished? Can any more snot come out of this little nose?
Look at it run!

And run!

Run, Nose, Run!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Hey, I Have Idea, Howbout Fav Phrase Friday!

Light bulbs are going off in Harrison's head!

He has taken to peppering his speech with cute little key phrases like:

"Maybe we will..." "Maybe we can..."
(fill in the blank}

Hey, I have idea!

The other day, he was playing upstairs with the GID, The GID was making hand puppets, not too unlike the crazy General Garcia 1979's The In Laws. (A far superior movie to the 2003 remake.) Only the GID can't find a pen to draw a face on his hand. Suddenly Harrison jumps up and tells him, Wait Daddy! I have idea! He runs out of the room.

Downstairs, I"m working on the computer, Harrison walks in and nonchalantly says, "Hey mommy."

I glance up at him, he puts his hand up and says, "Wait there mommy, I be right back. I come back, okay?"

"Okay, honey." Out of the corner of my eye, I think I see crayons in his hand as he exits the room.

Unbeknownst to me, back upstairs, problem is solved. Crayons are used to get a face on daddy's hand.

And there was toddler laughter heard throughout the land.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Daddy Files

Daddy put Harrison to bed the other night and as he was leaving Harrison called out

"Daddy WAIT!"

"Yeah pumpkin?"

"I NEED a drink of water."

A few minutes later daddy reappeared with a spill-proof cup.

Harrison took a drink.

"Tank-you daddy. Mmmm, it's dee-wishes!"

I think Harrison is de-licious.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Little Hands

Mike of and Somthing About Parenting has started a fun photo challenge - nothing to win, just to have fun and be challenged. This week is about hands doing what they love.

I'm always trying (and failing) to get good pictures of Harrison's hands, so the other day when he was dishing dishes I had another opportunity to try. I got a couple good close up shots.

Gosh, I love those little fingers!

What a crazy day. I'm out.

BSM - Play Ball!

Harrison met a new little friend at the Super Party we attended yesterday. It was interesting to watch Harrison be the "older boy" for once. He has the "baby that the bigger boys need to be careful of" in the scenario for so long; but now as we quickly approach his 3rd birthday - he is no longer the baby.

It's bittersweet, I find myself a little willy-eyed over it.

Visit Tracy at Mother May I and see more best shots this fine Monday!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

What are You Looking Forward to in 2008?

I just wanted to let you in on a couple (albeit, silly) events that WE are excited about!

First and foremost, if you live in Southern California you have heard of (or maybe even been to) Six Flags Magic Mountain. Just over a year ago the new owners of the Six Flags Corporation made a decision to sell 8 of it's theme parks - as a package or individually - preferably to another theme park company; Magic Mountain (One of Six Flags 4 top $$ grossing parks) was included in that list. Why? Let's face it, it had become a teen riff-raff hot spot due to low-cost season passes and lots of thrills. Not so much family-friendly any more. Heck, a remodeled Bugs Bunny World had it's big Grand Opening in 1997 and today it looks like it's 30 years
old. Not to mention that the land it sits on is worth - well, a LOT of money. Here in Los Angeles once the media and Real Estate developers got wind of the potential sale (and hints of closure) everyone went wild.
For a year it was like wolves on a kill.
Dogs and Cats living together.
Mass Chaos.

But the bottom line is that it didn't sell.
Only that doesn't make for interesting news.

It didn't close.
Although people STILL say to me, "I thought it closed."

It is, AND has been open.

And for a mother of a toddler boy, it's getting better in 2008!

Why do you ask?

Not only is Six Flags eventually bringing The Wiggles to it's flagship theme park; but this spring Thomas the Tank Engine will become a PERMANENT ATTRACTION AT MAGIC MOUNTAIN!

And if you don't believe me, check it out for yourself right here!

I can't tell you how excited we are and if your scratching your head because you only know me through this blog. Well, this morning as the GID was getting ready to leave for work, Harrison asked, "Can I go to work with you daddy?"

Harrison has been to Disneyland countless times; but he's never gone to "work" with daddy (well since his birth anyway), I think that's all about to change in 2008!


As for the other exciting news for us, we ran across this little trailer on the internet this morning, purely by accident. Disney/Pixar's latest creative venture.

Introducing WALL E

Now we are probably the last to find out since we never go to movies in the theater, but now we have begun a WALL E count down to June 2008.

Harrison watched these videos over and over this morning. One time I walked out of the room to get something and I hear it start again; when I come in, Harrison proudly exclaims, "I DID IT! ON MY OWN!

And that, my friends, is another favorite phrase of Harrison's lately.

On. My. Own!

Before we know it, he'll be going to Magic Mountain on his own...EEEK!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Fav Phrase Friday - Whey-dah-meeee-nut!

A couple months ago every other word out of Harrison's mouth was "Wheydameenut!"
It's a hoot watching him test each new phrase in every aspect of his little life from eating, playing to bathing - ALL DAY LONG we would hear it... "Whey-Da-Meeen-Nut!"

I'm not sure where he picked it up from but it had us rolling on the floor. Because he used it for LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

This was an explosion on the Harrison vocabulary front!

Unfortunately, due to the holidays, illnesses and my work schedule, those best, first moments of that beautiful word rolling from his mouth eluded me.
But the GID and I will always remember the sing-songy way in which Harrison would declare "Wait a Minute!"

He still uses it; but it no longer saturates every thought and sentence. Rather, when he turns to find something missing from his view as he's playing, or his curiosity is suddenly spiked, I will hear, "Whey-dah-meeeen-nut!"

More recently he asked to put a movie that was sitting on his little table in the VCR; during the time that he turned from the table to the TV and back again, I had picked it up from behind him and put it on top of the TV.

(Okay, I was trying to avoid putting a movie on...)

He looked at the empty table and let out a curious, "Hmmmm..." slowly glanced left to right and then uttered, "WHEY-DA-MEEEN-NUT!"

I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the Laurel & Hardy, slight-of-hand moment that I had just caused for Harrison. I could see his little mind just going - the video was right here, I just saw it, where did it go?

I told him I moved the video and then I caved. We watched Lilo and Stitch.

Can you believe I started this post on 12/14/07? Wait a minute!