Thursday, February 14, 2013

Second Grade Valentines Day with Style!


I touched on the trials and tribulations of this year’s Valentines cards on A Little White Space. The road was rocky yesterday – to put it lightly (let’s just say we all woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday, even the parakeet had an attitude).  But in the end we pulled off one more year of personalized cards for Harrison’s class – complete with too many pieces of candy in each (maybe I’m still overcompensating for his Kindergarten year with the tiny dime-store valentines and no treats attached – that’s what happens when you come from a private Jewish Preschool and no elementary school experience to blaze the way). 

And I confess, after last year’s VERY personalized Valentines, I couldn’t go the store-bought route just yet. 

valentine card-6948

After juggling some ideas last week, I headed to Pinterest for inspiration.  When I did a search for Valentines cards, every few posts were of a child holding out their hand with a lollypop attached.  So glad I got that out of the way last year!  By the time I was done with Pinterest, I didn’t want to see another pink or red thing in my life EVER.  (…and I still hadn’t settled on an idea.)

I finally made a decision with hours to spare.  We went on a mini shoot (that ended up in a parking lot at the end of the day).  No fancy personalization's from Harrison this year, he just signed them and we assembled them. DONE. 


IMG_3217Diptych 4IMG_3248

After everything we went through to get these done, we still had fun.
Which isn’t that supposed to be the whole point to begin with?


When Harrison got home from school today, he showed us his Valentine cards. Not far down was one from a friend… holding a lollypop…
I chuckled.


Been there, done that! Smile


Next year we’re rebelling – Store-bought, Cookie-Cutter, Pre-fab Valentines all the way, Baby! BOOYAH!


Oh, and Happy Valentines Day.