Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Ninja Style!

Lego Ninjago is all the rage around here – especially since Harrison stumbled upon it on the Cartoon Network.

So it’s wasn’t surprising when the only thing he wanted from out visit to China Town a couple months ago was a Sensei Wu-style hat.
(well, at least until he saw the faux nun-chucks on the way to the car that is.)

Ninja collage

Who knew those VBS survivor style buffs would come in so handy for so long!

Just watch your back, you never know when a stealth ninja warrior may sneak up on you in the dark.

ninja diptych

Because he really will be Wordless.



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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Remember this?

He still has those days.


Only Bigger.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Second Grade

Today Harrison and I joined some friends at the park.  We were there for four hours with them.  We haven’t hung out at the park for four hours with multiple families since the Toddler days.
The Toddler days. Sometimes I miss the care-free hours of the Toddler days.
As we watched our first, second, third graders play together we reminisced and laughed at similarities in our boys. Apparently, Harrison isn’t the only one who loved wearing high heels as a toddler and the Guy I  Dig isn’t the only husband who made his wife promise not to paint his son’s toenails and fingernails. But I already knew that.
Yes, those days are long behind us and last week Harrison officially started Second Grade. Unlike everyone else, I didn’t get the off-to-first-day-of-school picture posted on Facebook that day (or the second, or the third day).
In fact, {shamefully as a photographer} I didn’t even REMEMBER to bring the camera until we picked him up in the afternoon! (GASP! I know!)
However it’s all still worth a picture or six – albeit fashionably late! We got his hair cut on Sunday and sent him off to school looking half way presentable on Tuesday. He even has several friends in his class again, including his friend M. below. hair cut and first day of schoolAs we start second grade he enjoys reading and read over 50 books this summer – long and short.  He finally started piano lessons and began making up songs on the keyboard once again.  He did swimming lessons again, 3 weeks for VBS (vacation bible school), a week of soccer camp, a week of Breakwater Camp in the Seaside Lagoon, two weeks of Camp Menorah and a week of Art Camp.  As summer was starting he discovered Cartoon Network and with it, Lego Ninjago the series, Beyblade, Pokimon, Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry and some annoying cartoons that I remind him I don’t like/want him to watch and has to turned off… it’s tough being seven years old.
All-in-all, the first week of school ended with a hug for his new teacher – a good start for the year.
Let’s just hope he’ll still want to hug her after the first test!