Thursday, January 31, 2008

Theme Thursday - Focus

This morning I was focused on work projects that I need to sit down and finish. It's seems sometimes I feel a bit stretched. Trying to get work taken care of, clean the house take care of the family and take a couple moments to myself. And I only have one child.

Sad. I know.

But I dropped all that to hang out with Harrison; and out of the blue he asked if he could wash dishes. Wash Dishes?

NO, I'm sorry, I need to do some work on the computer, take a shower, finish the laundry and maybe selfishly & read some other blogs. I just don't have time to clean water up from all over the kitchen sink and floor... Okay, let's go, I responded.

Not the bonding play time I had imagined today. [And that is why I LOVE kids.]
We were together all the same; and I, as the mommy, needed to stop working and just relax with my child.

So I was focused, we had fun, I took pictures. They weren't all in focus. I'm not feeling the love for my Casio point & shoot. But not all was lost and here are a few shots. Later I'll create another story board; after work, laundry, and some reading... Oh well.

Maybe while Harrison is napping I'll go focus on making a latte, now there is love!

In the meantime, if you haven't already donesi, go focus on some other wonderful shots at the Land of K.A. Even more love there!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just Add Color!

That's what I plan to do in my new craft/art room!
Because it went from this...
the beginning


And if you didn't notice the button on my sidebar it's my new blog (in addition to this one); feel free to stop by and drop me a line in a while.
Show me the LOVE!

After all the 'artist' in me needs it!

There's isn't much there - yet.



Do you see a theme with that hand?

This is the GID's favorite.

He's wearing his Mickey costume - two sizes too small - I might add!

At least it's not all me, this was snapped by our friend, Nick, last summer.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 28, 2008

This is New...

See what happens around here when I turn my back. he's never climbed on top of the table before.

Then again, tonight was the first night he decided to climb out of his bed and come down stairs - twice! He was very clear that he wasn't tired, I was very clear that he had to stay in bed. He stayed in bed alright, but he played and sang there for over two hours before finally dropping off.

PS - these are SOOC shots that I got fast. As it was, in the first picture, Harrison swung around away from me when he saw the camera come out during his evil "look-at-me-planted-in-the-middle-of-the-table" laugh.

Let's just say - this is the kind of day we had today.

BSM - A Favorite Place

A perfect little table.
He does everything from coloring & puzzles to eating morning meals here.

Mommy, I want cereal & yogurt at my "little table"...

HE sure isn't looking "little" anymore. And he has been telling me all weekend that he is a "big boy" (he's also been telling me that he needs to pee-pee in the Pull-up diapers instead of the potty chair. Agh!)

Hope you have a happy Monday! head over to Tracey's place and see more best shots.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Turn

To get sick - AGAIN! It just goes 'round and 'round! So I didn't post a Favorite Phrase for this week - and Lord knows Harrison has given us PLENTY of fodder! But once more it will have to wait.

On another note, I've been busy doing a lot of projects around here. January 2008 has me pondering a lot of things. It seems that a lot of fellow bloggers have talked about simplifying - their life, their home, their corner of cyberspace. I'd say, many have the Spring Cleaning bug even though we still fully two feet planted in Winter. "Simplify" & "Organize" are great New Year's resolutions to take on, as they are short-term goals more easily achieved. If I had made resolutions - those would definitely be at the top of my list.

Another theme that currently weaves it's way through my life is "Transformation". It's the theme for 2008 that my church has taken on, and it's so apropos to my world right now, both spiritually and creatively.

So I've begun to take back my creative space!

Here is what it looked like last week before I started on the little room. This is the panoramic view point.
the beginning

Getting better!
The middle

So we'll see what I get accomplished this weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Theme Thursday - Library Books

Library Day! Tuesdays are story time at the library. We don't make it on a regular basis. I'm not sure if its that I get exhausted watching Harrison run around in circles at the back of the room - not listening, or that I am still stinging from my rather large library fine that I had to pay after temporarily going to work full time and forgetting the videos we had checked out. Either way, the library is just a walk away and Harrison has been asking to go get books at the library - so I caved in and we went on Tuesday.

The favorite book this time - "Go Away Big Green Monster!" I had to read it 3 times before bed the other night! Needless to say, last night he announced to the GID that he is NOT scared of monsters anymore. Well that's a relief - at least for this week.

Don't forget to pop in on Land of K.A. and see more books!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - 3,2,1, BLAST OFF!

Let's Watch Star Whores Daddy!

Nope, it's not X-rated!

A few weeks ago the GID decided to sit down and relax in front of the TV, he was channel surfing for that perfect show to set the mood. Couch-potato ism was the ultimate goal for a couple hours at least.

Harrison was playing with a learning toy and turned to tell me something about a card with a rocket on it when he stopped mid-word.

His eyes were transfixed on the television.
There were the Storm Troopers in all their laser-shooting glory. He slowly spoke but one word in utter amazement:

"Row - Botts"

Then if that wasn't enough for him to take in...

"Go - l - den - Roe - Bot."

Yes, he discovered the world of Star Wars, I'm not sure if we cracked up more due to his surprising use of the word "golden" or just that he became so totally hypnotized by the sight of those Storm Troopers. I swear his jaw dropped before he spoke!

Needless to say, games were over, he crawled up on the sofa to watch with Daddy. His take, "DarMader is mean, he's sad. But then he feels better and is nice.

He asked to watch "Star Whores" a couple of times since; the GID, master of which one is OK to watch, sometimes pulls out the DVDs when they have "guy-time".

Me? What can I say, I'm a mom, I don't want him to watch too many light-saber scenes and act it out at inappropriate times.

But the fact remains.

I have a boy.

Monday, January 21, 2008

BSM - "Let's Do Coupleerrands"

The other day I told Harrison that we were going to run a couple errands (and stop at a play area in the mall - surprise for him.) Harrison had to get dressed for the occasion. He insisted on his fireman outfit, when he was ready he announced, "Mommy, let's do coupleerrands now."

He is all smiles! Off we go, next stop - Ikea, Target, Jay-Jay Jetplane play area.

It was almost 11AM, we got in the car drove a few miles down the road and this is what I saw when I a glanced in the rear view mirror.

Back to the station to get some rest...

Maybe next time.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fav Phrase Friday - It's Okay Mommy...

Parenting is not always easy. Period.

Lately when I put my head in my hands for any reason, be it frustration in the moment or a juicy headache that has stuck around for 3 days, Harrison will come up to me and rest his hand on my back and gently say, "It's okay, mommy; it's okay."

Last week we went up to brush teeth, potty and do our bedtime routine. Everything was going as planned when Harrison suddenly had had enough with his "listening ears" for one night. He no longer wanted to finish brushing his teeth or sit on the potty, or do anything I asked for that matter; and I didn't want to get in a mental tug-of-war with my two-year-old, yet again.

Once more, I was done.

Harrison wasn't listening and I couldn't take it. After a moment of almost loss of control, I turned and lay my head in my arms on the sink. I said nothing.


Then Harrison came up, rubbed my back and in that gentle voice said, "It's okay mommy. It's okay."

I didn't move. I didn't respond. I WAS asking for strength and grace in my shortcomings.

Then Harrison said again, "It's okay mommy."

I looked at him and smiled.

"I get daddy, now. I go get daddy to help, it's okay. You be OK."

"I'm okay, now honey." I responded.

He told me to wait and went out the door and called down the stairs, "Daddy, come here, daddy! Mommy's sad. Mommy's sad, daddy! Come. Up. Stairs. Daddy!"

All my frustration had melted away in that first moment when Harrison reached out to soothe me. When his two-year-old wisdom and compassion kicked-in.
I called him back into the bathroom and gave him a hug and told him that it is okay now, mommy is fine; and why mommy got upset in the first place and that I love him.

The GID came upstairs and took over for me. I got to have a break.

Later the GID came down and said that I was wanted upstairs. I went to say goodnight to my son; my gift from heaven. We talked for a moment, hugged and kissed each other, then he went to sleep.

It's okay now.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

You Know You Have a Toddler When...

This evening I was reading some other blogs because I have absolutely nothing to do and all the time in the world before I headed to bed. Maggie over at And the Duck Said... posted a little something with a video, which I was contently enjoying child-free.

GID stepped out and asked, "What are you listening to?"


"Oh.", he went back to his office.

After a beat, I added, "Larry the Cucumber..."

"I know."

We're on a first name basis with all the Veggie Tale Veggies, you know.

Theme Thursday - Winter

When I think of winter, I think of being a kid and making snowmen,snow forts, snowball fights,sledding and just being too, too cold! I don't miss it, but I do like to visit it.

Harrison has experienced snow twice in his short life already. The second time he was absolutely amazed! How fun it is to see winter through his eyes!

Have a happy winter! Stay warm and drink lots of hot chocolate for me. Stop by Land of K.A. for more winter fun!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christmas Has Left the Building...

The decorations have been taken down and packed away; and I happened to look out the window to see the trash guy stop to take the tree from the curb this morning.

It's over.

Harrison even ate the last Christmas cookie yesterday. Maybe next year even I'll post my cookie and fudge recipe. (What am I saying? I probably won't be any more organized than I was this year...)

How fast it comes and goes now days. How exhausting it was to prepare and stay on top of everything! How wonderful it was watching Harrison really "get it" this year - Jesus and the nativity, Santa, gift giving and receiving - and Christmas cookies!
How I look forward to next year.

So, how did Harrison's decorating skills change from last year to this year?
This is last year's decorations - hats for all!

Here is this year's decorating, perfect plastic bulbs for Toddler decorating! Well that and the "craps" stuck in the tree.

Harrison also discovered candy canes - both real and fake - and decided none should hang on the tree. The fake ones are good for counting or hanging on toys & train tables. Real candy canes...what do you think?

He actually opened his own gifts, as well as anyone else's if allowed - or not. He learned all the words to Jingle Bells, loves the 3 Kings from the Nativity set and delightfully discovered Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang.

But best of all, WE, as a family, were able to spend Christmas with all of our family members. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt C & Uncle R, Aunt M & Uncle K, Aunt E, Uncle M and all the cousins. Thank you to all of you for such a wonderful time.

We love you!

And now for the rest of the story.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Give Me Another Glass of Whine

We are sitting at dinner tonight, the GID, Harrison and I. And at the end of dinner Harrison asks if he can go outside. Now mind you, he's getting over a bug and it's now 7:15 at night. (yes, it was a late dinner...) I tell him that we can't go out anymore tonight because it's cold and dark. Although really, he knew he couldn't before he even asked.

He whines. Oh, the surprise. It had been an exceptionally whiny evening.

Once again, I say, "Harrison, it's too late, we can play inside and go outside tomorrow."

"Gooo oouwwt-siiide! Maaw-Meee!"

I think, Is he serious?

I'm done. I actually ask--
"Are you really going to ask a question that you know the answer is "no" to, just so that I can say "no" to you and then you can whine about it?"

I really just said that to a two-year-old.

He looks at me. Silence. Then--


I need a glass of wine.

Best Shot Monday - Things Once Played With

This is a picture of some vintage cars on the top of Harrison's book shelf.

It was a weekend of illnesses AGAIN!


Hope your weekend was better, head over to Mother May I for more of Monday's Best Shots!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sing A Gato, Mommy

It's after midnight and Harrison woke up, hot with a fever uttering things like, Cookie Monster loves me. and Mommy's house, Harridin's house.

We sit in the rocking chair for a while and then I lay him back down in bed and he whispers, Sit down mommy, sit in rocking chair.

I oblige.

I whisper, "I love you", as I get up some minutes later and as I approach the door I hear a faint whisper, A--, -mommy.

"What?", I ask. I walk over to hear and touch him.

Sing A-Gato.

Another song in our night-time repertoire. I had sang it earlier this evening, when it was still a different day.
I sing it again as he lay with his eyes closed, uttering random, fever-induced little words until he drops back into a quiet sleep.

A silly little song I learned in the fourth grade that everyone teases me for knowing, and now I'm forced I get to sing it every night to my little boy - multiple times on sick nights...

I have other silly songs.

I'll wait to sing those.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Swear I Heard the Fat Lady Sing!!

If you know Harrison at all, you know he NEVER - Hardly Ever Stops moving! When he stops there is something wrong. Today he halted.

We just barely got past of all the illnesses and IT'S BACK!


But chills, fever and aches have take Harrison hostage today.

Yet in full spirited-toddler style, between the moans, and during shivering chills Harrison claims, I'm fine mommy, I fine.

He went down for a nap early and woke up saying, I'm better now, I'm happy now. He plays and runs around like a crazy boy for a while. (A totally normal event.) Then the chills return while he continues to tell me, I'm fine mommy.

He is SO NOT fine.

Is this foreshadowing of things to come with him?

As for me, Come on already! Haven't we had enough illnesses??

Where is that fat lady?? I need her to sing!

No post Friday but I'll return with Fav Phrase Friday next week.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Most Recent Conversation...

Harrison stood at his train table playing and suddenly I tuned into what he had started quietly saying as he motioned his hands back and forth "talking" to each other.

Harrison: Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes! Nooo! Yes. No. Yeees! No. Yeeees! Noooo!

He looks at me watching him and asks, "Yes. Or. No."

Again: Yes. Or. No.

Me: Yes

Harrison: Yes. Or. No.

Me: Yes!

Harrison: Yes. Or. No.

Me: No.

Harrison: No changing Diaper, Mommy.

Apparently he knew the answer!

Theme Thursday - Contrast

This is a photo from our most recent trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! We needed to get out of the house after being cooped up for so many days being sick. It was just a day for he two of us.
I've been playing with contrast and trying to get that cool cross-processing effect in PS Elements-3, a challenge, to say the least.

As for Disneyland.

Harrison wanted to go there this morning and just couldn't accept it as we pulled into the school parking lot.

"Mommy, let's go Dinnylan!" For the 10th time in the 5 minute ride to work/school.

"I don't want to see Ms. A.! I don't like Ms. A.!"
All the way into the building.

"Go away, Mommy. Go away! I'm playing!"
When we get to his classroom and he runs into Ms. A.'s arms.

So I went to work.
I just want to play, too.

See who else has contrast in their life! Head over to The Land of K.A.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I LOVE Flowers!!

And my friend, Natalie, has sent me flowers! How sweet is that?

Although I'm starting to think her her sweet little daughter, M., actually sent them to Harrison!

Natalie, and Colleen before her, summed it up well in their posts about relationships made in the blogging world. I have met and made "friends" that I never expected to make when I set up this online journal of Harrison's life back in August for his family to view. Not only that, but it has jump-started my person "creative" journey once again. Even the GID is impressed with what has blossomed out of this venture. Maybe 2008 will bring even more stretched wings for me.

I'll let you know.

In the mean time, I can only say thank you to to a handful of you who have blessed and inspired me (and Harrison) in the last few months with your comments, kind words, experience and advice. I know you may have received flowers already, but you know us women, we can never get enough flowers! It's all about the love!

Lola - for inspiring me to begin with - and mamas, keep her in your prayers, she's having her first little peanut in a few short months!
Tracy for inspiring all of us connected to her through the blog community.
Stacy - for taking on Theme Thursday and being an over-all talented, cool creative person
Christina - We're so often on the same page!
Brittany - I now how it is to be surrounded by boys!
Mandy - a little change from reverse 911 calls! Keep up the quick healing!
Erinne - she is just a doll
Melody A. - Well, she's so hip of course!
Bradley and the Beautiful Wife for my first blogger award - as I still am new at this, really...

Accept them, enjoy them, pay them forward if you wish!

Love from Harry and the Mom!

Wordless Wednesday - Jumping on the Bed

Feel free to click on image for larger version.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

8 Things you didn't know about me! By Harrison

Let's face it. I'm not typing, I'm dictating, so when you see the spelling errors blame the mom behind the boy!

I was tagged by Nadia at Momology AND by Adam & Matthew at Mommee and Her Boys.

(WHAY-DA-MEANUTE! MY mommy has boys! Only she is spelled M.O.M.M.Y.H.B.D! A! (Stop that! Mommy! Stop typing!) Stop mommy, stop typing me literally!


Here's the rules!
Make a list of eight random facts/habits about yourself. At the end of the list, choose eight friends to tag and list their names. Leave them a comment on each of their websites to let them know that they have been tagged.The people tagged will write a post on their own website about their eight things, post these rules, and tag eight others.
Let's go routine, as being only 2.5 years old, I am not yet too random.

1. I like to wake up in the morning and climb into mommy and daddy's bed to have a glass of milk. After I drink my milk, I like to start wiggling and talking - loudly, of course, and making a general pain of myself all in the name of fun to get mommy and daddy up. After all it's "WAKE UP TIME!"

2. My daddy calls me an "Old man" because I like to sit on my potty chair with a good book or back issue of "Astronomy" magazine to the point of making my parents nuts!

3. I love to do "couple-errands" with mommy. Heck, any chance to get out of the house I'll take!

4. I need my Super Why and Little Einsteins fix. Mommy doesn't understand that it's like coffee to me! Hello!

5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Mr. Sandman MUST be sung at EVERY nap and bed time. No exceptions. Really!

6. Um, Smoothies as many times a week as I can muster out of my mommy. Frozen blueberries for dessert after dinner and just give me the whole vat of yogurt for breakfast, lunch and dinner, really!

7. It's all about play! What don't you understand? I just want to play.

8. All baths must have at least one rendition of Splish-Splash, Octopus (Slippery Fish) or Yellow Submarine sung by mommy and end with a game of cookie monster (made out of a towel) eating my tub toys and spitting them out and then me lying in the now-empty tub and playing peek-a-boo over the edge. I also enjoy helping mommy put lotion on afterwards.

9. A random thought or 3, I like rockets and airplanes and singing the ABCs and I know my left hand from my right! (Even Mommy can't remember that some days! But she taught me so she's getting better!)

10. I like to count to 10 most every day, so I couldn't end at 8.

That's it, I'm done dictating and mommy is done asking "what?, what?" So I'll leave you and think about who to tag. Mommy says she can edit the post. What ever that means.

Hey! Look Who's on Ripleys Believe it or Not!

Or maybe he should just go on Fear Factor - Pint Sized!

Why, You ask?

Well, my child can eat GLASS!!

YES. That's what I said. G-L-A-S-S.

Here's the low down as described by the "Don't Panic" mom. (That's me.)

After school today, Harrison came into the school office with me; another mom was in there with concerns about her child. Being that I work there, well I was drawn into the conversation.

In the mean time...

Harrison is playing within my sight in the next office and having a good ole' time with the other child. There's nothing to get into in there...

Or so I thought.

As I'm finishing the conversation so I can take MY child home for a nap, said child comes up to me with a smile and I hear:


Oh yes, CRUNCH!

My brain zips! "What are you EATING? Candy?" I ask. (there is NO hard candy around in the general area, I know this.)

He gives me A Big Proud Grin.

"Show Mommy"

"Ice Mama!"

"Is that ice??"
I put my finger in his mouth, it's not cold.

Slight panic.

"Spit it out now!" As I hold my hand under his chin.

He spits out a piece of clear odd-shaped something. I put it in my mouth.
What else was I going to do?
No taste, it's hard.

"It's glass!" I exclaim to all in the room.

Glass, AND he broke off 3 little tiny splinters. One came out with the initial piece and I felt it nick my fingertip, two more after I swiped his mouth with my finger SEVERAL times and SEVERAL times more!

Later when I returned to the office, I found an unclaimed candle votive with sea glass in it that was left on the desk during camp week.

It looks like - candy.
Or ice.

We tossed it out!

Dodged a bullet.

My boy the Amazing Glass Eater.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

BSM - Singing & Dancing in the Rain...

Sunday it rained.

No, it poured!

Harrison wanted to play outside despite the wet ground and misty air, so I bundled him up and let him go out. After all, everyone needs to go play in the rain sometimes. And this time I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to be out in the rain.

I had no idea that it would come down in sheets! One moment it was misty the next moment we were drenched! Even the GID was amazed at how the suddenly the rain fell & how hard. Like buckets of water being dumped on us!

So my best shot for this cool, overcast Monday is from yesterday. Given the hard rain, trying to hold an umbrella (WITH A HOLE IN IT!) and the wind whipping around - all while trying to manage my point and shoot. Well, I'm lucky I got anything!

Have a wonderful (and dry) Monday! Head over to Mother May I for other best shots!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


We finally went to Chuck E. Cheese this week.
Our very first outing to Chuck E. Cheese.

My next statement should be, "What was I thinking??"
Only I WASN'T thinking.

In fact, what I WAS thinking, after I ran into a friend at Costco who invited us to join her and her son, was :

"What the heck. Why not?"

Why not?

Maybe because it was only a couple days after New Year's and school is still out for most kids and they ALL decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese!

I must say, it did keep me from the usual "impulse buys" that always seem to take hold of me during a trip to Costco. I got in, got the diapers, ran into my friend, and got out!

But Chuck E. Cheese... WOW.

Harrison and I got arms stamped, walked in and stopped short.

If only I had a camera in that moment.

I'm sure any person looking at us in that brief second of time would have seen a mother and toddler with jaw dropped as we took in the chaos that was Chuck E. Cheese.

Then I remembered that school was out. My friend shoved coins in my hand and said, "Watch C., I'm going to get more tokens!"
Well, once unfrozen by the overwhelm of it all, Harrison ran one way, C. ran the other and there I stood trying to calculate my next move in this crazy, noisy, wild place.

Luckily the boys quickly came back together at the same ride and I had tokens in hand!

We were there for only a couple hours - but it felt like 10! Once settled into the chaos, Harrison spent most of his time in the climbing tube structure, to the point of sweatiness. I got AH piece of pizza in him; he ate it as he sat in the Bob the Builder ride/truck/thingy.

I watched as more and more people arrived.

It got crazier and louder, and more chaotic and then Harrison discovered Chuck (a larger than life robotic Chuck E.) - in the back of the restaurant where it was... somewhat peaceful. So I sat down as he got up and danced with Chuck E. and stared at him and danced more and stared a little longer.

Well some time later, we finally left. Intact. No over-stimulation meltdown. Phew!

we got a mile down the road and then he lost it. He wanted to see C. more, he wanted to go back and see Chuck E., he wanted to go to C's house, he wanted, he wanted.

He needed a nap.

All I can say of the experience:


Friday, January 4, 2008

Fav Phrase Friday - You Miss Me?

Harrison started a new routine in the last couple of weeks. When I come home from being at work or going somewhere and he stayed behind - whether awake or napping - he will run up to me and jump into a full body wraparound hug and ask, "You miss me?"

I love it. I love holding & hugging him, I love his little toddler legs wrapped tightly around me. I love that for that moment I am everything he needs. The love in my heart for him shatters like sand, pours out and fills every crevasse of my existence in that moment.

Recently, I put Harrison down for a nap and then slipped out of the house to run a couple errands. He woke up before I arrived home and when the GID went up to get him, he said, "I miss Mommy"

I arrived home about half an hour later and Harrison ran to me asking, "You miss me, mommy, you miss me?"

"Yes, I did, very much."

"You miss me. I miss you, mommy."

"I missed you, I love you Harrison."

"I love you too, mommy. You miss me."

We stay there locked in that mother-child embrace for a few brief minutes, where all is pure joy, perfect, and life is safe.
- If only for a moment.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Theme Thursday - Color

I haven't had much of a chance to take pictures and I didn't have my camera while on vacation so I'm posting the perfect "colorful" picture for today's theme.

And with a face like that, it just makes me smile & melts all my momentary troubles away.

I'm just crazy about Harry...

But don't stop here, go visit Stacy to see what other colorful pictures will put a smile on your face!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wordless Wed. More Christmas 2007

Here is what the rest of the morning looked like for Harrison on Sunday morning.

A firehouse, truck and firemen.

Some wooden cutting food that was cut, and cut again and again.

A stocking full of Thomas Tank Engine vehicles

(Click on the images for larger views)