Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday | Snap. Crackle. Pop.

Always still "firsts" to have; like Rice Krispies!

And Oh, did that boy laugh when he heard them in the bowl the first time!

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Can you believe that today was the first day of kindergarten? (Heck, I haven't even caught up with the summer)

What does Harrison do on his first day?
Wakes up at 5:30 this morning.



When I went into his room expecting the usual - him warmly snuggled in his Big Blue Blanket, asking me to lay down and cuddle with him - I found him draped across his rocking chair, half dressed with the bedside lamp on; he looked up and said, "I'm going to school today!" {not until we all get a little more sleep...}
Within minutes, he was snuggled between us in our bed for another couple hours of needed sleep.

At 8:15, we all walked to school together, holding hands and greeting other families also walking to school.

Suddenly I was having a Mayberry moment.
And it felt so right.

 He was slightly pensive at first.
 But Daddy reassured him of the fun he will have in Kindergarten.
Then off he went to meet new friends
(I stayed with him for the first day)

And just for good measure, he finished the day with his first school injury. A elbow scrape from the "high top"... "I didn't cry." he announced.  In case you (or we) were wondering.

 That's my boy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday | Remember?

Remember the days when merry-go-rounds were common in every park? We spent hours playing on it, balancing in the middle with no hands; running around pushing and chasing it, getting it spinning faster to the perfect speed and then - just at the right time - jumping on!

(and hoping we never fly off ... again...'cause most of us who ever rode on one flew off at least once.)

Lucky for me - he didn't fly off once.

Happy {Wordless} Wednesday!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

SOOC | Encouraging Creative Play

When I grew out of my toys my mom put many of them into storage for the day when I would have my own children. Let me tell you, 30 years takes a toll on things when they get packed, unpacked, moved from here to there and ultimately, left in the elements. Not everything made it and the most damage/loss took place after my mom passed away some 16 years ago.

Finally, those toys {albeit only a handful now} are in our hands, being played with - just as my mom envisioned so many years earlier.

Unfortunately, I tossed a Little People house, schoolhouse and, sadly, a castle  because of the damage from not being stored properly(the later I probably could/should have saved; but the  pressure of limited time pushed me to toss it); but what he doesn't know doesn't bother him, right? (The castle still bothers me...)


But what is so wonderful about having these toys here in our home is that he has spent hours playing with them, making up little lives and conversations that are NOT birthed from any movie, TV, Lego or video game characters.

He is playing with these timeless toys the way toys were meant to be played with...

  By using his imagination.

It's quite an imagination.

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