Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Searching for Baby Jesus...

All the Christmas Decorations are packed and ready to go back to the cellar - with the exception of one small but important piece.

Baby Jesus is MISSING!

We have searched the house high and low, Harrison just can't remember where he last air-lifted him to.

Yes, I said air-lifted.

Um, well he probably watched ONE too many Christmas videos this year with me being sick and all -

Be warned of the dangers of viewing Mr. Bean...

After watching this the next morning baby Jesus was airlifted by a toy fire-hose to the firehouse and shortly thereafter Mary, Joseph and Jesus' bed were transferred over ending with a fireman saying "Ahem".

Unfortunately, a few days later baby Jesus was carried off once again and on Christmas morning there was no baby lying in the manger.

Thus the search began.

We're still searching.

I blame it on that pesky Mr. Bean.