Monday, July 30, 2012

Thirty Eight Dollars

That's what he expected from the tooth fairy for his front, top tooth.

The tooth fairy has made two visits to our house so far.

On both occasions, she has successfully left four shiny quarters, {well there was that night she forgot to stop by and the disappointment on Harrison's face was heartbreaking as he tapped me awake early in that morning, holding up a tooth-fairy pillow - tooth still snug in the pocket.

This time we had a slight delay when we couldn't find the tooth-fairy pillow; however, after showing off his tooth to a friend the next day and finding the little purple pillow, he put it next to his bed, ready for the prize.

She didn't leave quarters this time. No, she left something better - or so I thought.

Harrison walked out of his room with a frown on his face and held up a Two Dollar Bill.


"Awesome!" I said, "What's wrong?"

"It's not 38 dollars."  He sadly replied. 

What!? As my eyes spin.

Reading my dazed and confused expression he adds, "I wanted  the Lego Ninjago Cole's Tread Assalt Vehicle from Target."

And I want a new car.

Good luck with that.