Thursday, November 17, 2011

Don’t Get Between Me and My Tooth Fairy!

Harrison has lost his SECOND tooth! Being the Bad Blogger I am now days, that has come and gone just like his first tooth.

But not forgotten.

first missign tooth

At our house the Tooth Fairy MAKES an appearance.
(And leaves four shiny sliver coins – because gold coins are harder to come by now days.)

Harrison received a sweet little book from Grandma last school year. It was perfect timing, honestly I hadn’t really put a lot of thought into the Tooth Fairy yet. Well there was that moment some time ago when I realized I didn’t have a tooth fairy action plan and panicked – and then conveniently forgot about her. By the time he lost his first tooth in August Harrison was ready with his expectations!


Oh, the book came with a little pillow!


And a pocket in it large enough to hold four quarters.

Harrison read his book and made the plan. Coins. Only coins.
GOLD Coins. (but I talked him out of gold) That’s all he wanted. (actually one coin was sufficient for him – just like in the book. He was set to go! But he’ll accept four.)

As for the tooth fairy…

Well, she is a bit flaky. She forgot to stop by for the second tooth. (yeah, that didn’t go over so well) I can safely say she fell asleep on the job! oops.
BUTtechnically, Harrison lost his tooth as he was going to bed that night…late. The tooth fairy was already out for the night’s work and picked up the tooth the second night. That’s how they work, you know.

Lucky for [the Tooth Fairy], Harrison doesn’t put the little pillow under his pillow. He leaves it on the shelf next to his bed.   Boy, is it easier for the Tooth Fairy to reach it there! (I’m just sayin’)

I just wonder where she leaves those teeth after her late night of tooth pick-ups?
No. Really. Where are the teeth?


I understand everyone has their opinion on the tooth fairy and Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, etc., etc., etc. Harrison’s school friends have already told him she doesn’t exist. I think a part of him believes she doesn’t exist. (and it doesn’t help when she’s a no-show!) But conversations with him and his long, thoughtful contemplations over the matter leave him pondering it all;  and I will tell you one thing…


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hands On Art

When I was a little girl, I loved art projects at school. I still remember making an “African mask” out of aluminum foil molded to my face and then painted them with bright paint. I drew, painted, colored, glued and even molded with clay – art was a routine part of the curriculum.

A lot has changed since then.

Fortunately, now days, Harrison experiences unique art projects through a volunteer-run program called “Hands on Art”.  Hands on Art provides children an opportunity to experience different mediums of art as well as learn about famous artists as they create.

I volunteered in Harrison’s classroom during their Hands On Art project, Tumbling Tiles. Harrison loved the project; his tiles took a life of their own, each one connecting to a different “world”.

But he couldn’t take his artwork home.  The children’s artwork is kept and displayed in local restaurants and at the schools events throughout the year.

As we walked home Harrison asked if he could make another set of tumbling tiles.

Hands On Art-4

Easy-peasy! I have already have cardstock squares and oil pastels. He immediately got to work on his own personal set of tiles.

Hands On Art-1Hands On Art-5Hands On Art-6

Then he had me record videos for some special people.

If you can't see the video in your email click here.


Hey, maybe he’s going to be a teacher!…

Wordless Wednesday | A Creative Force


Yes Finally, we fully enforced the practice of no TV or video games during the weekdays.
Not that it was ever a babysitter or we were lazy. Nooo – not us!

I can say that our house is more peaceful and the boy is always busy with something.
One day was three hours of picture drawing and narrating that truly were story boards.

With him, a picture really is worth a thousand words.
He just can’t spell all of them yet.valentines Day 2011

Then there are the days when he becomes a creative force to be reckoned with!


Or a creative force to be thrown into the tub for a good scrub down…


Wordless Wednesday Here.