Monday, November 16, 2009

BSM: What Winter Looks Like in Southern California...

And when he's finished being a Gap model for the day....

 and I quote:

OH, I'm feeling the peaceful nature here.

Yes, I truly am grateful for this little boy in my life.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Love Firsts

"Let's make pudding!" I said one afternoon a couple weeks ago.

What's pudding?" He responded.

Then I realized - we had not made any pudding at home yet. He's almost five years old and had not eaten pudding.

Poor, deprived child.

Then again, he ate half a bowl and left rest stating that he didn't like chocolate pudding.

Not like chocolate pudding, who's kid are you anyway??

Two nights later I finished off the yummy pudding
...the next day he asked for more.

Apparently he had a lapse in judgment that first time around.

Friday, November 6, 2009

When I Sleep In...

I came downstairs one morning this past week after sleeping in for an extra hour. Harrison and Daddy were moving through their usual morning routines by the time I joined the party; as I poured my morning coffee and attempted to get a baring on the day Harrison called out from the living room,

"Mommy can you get my kitchen knife and pirate spear!"

I stopped in my tracks - Kitchen Knife?

What could they have possibly been doing before I got out of bed?

"Kitchen Knife?" I repeated. Still pondering the "spear" part of the sentence.

"Oh, nevermind! I got it!" Harrison said as I honed in on what he was talking about.

Much to my tired relief the "kitchen knife" is the only play knife from his wooden food cutting set and the "spear" is his Pirate eye-patch. Phew!

[Yeah, I don't get where "spear" came from either]

Hey, at least he's not darting around wielding REAL kitchen knives...

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Is It Christmas Today?

Sunday morning Harrison awoke and called out to us, "Is it Christmas Today?"  

No, I answered.

"You said Christmas was after Halloween."

He's right, I did say Christmas came after Halloween. Obviously I wasn't clear on how soon after...

A couple quick (and blurry) poses as we rushed out of the house & shortly before the battery died (the spare at home, oops).

He wanted to be a Knight Jedi.
No, not a Jedi Knight.
Trust me, there is a difference.

We went up the street to the local "Trunk or Treat" in a church parking lot - car trucks opened to trick-or-treat and a Jumper (i.e. Bouncer, Jump House, Inflatable).  Harrison trick-or-treated at three cars and headed straight for the jumper (that he remembered from his two hour jump fest last year).
"I have enough candy!" he declared as he darted.

Since Daddy came along this year, we talked him into coming out long enough for some traditional trick-or-treating up and down one block.
He boldly went up to each door, knocked loudly and yelled, "Trick or Treat!" in that adorable little-boy voice of his.  A couple houses [with lights on] didn't answer and finally at the last house he gave his last ditch effort and yelled "Trick Or TREE-EEET!" and then proceeded to have a short in-depth conversation about one of his toys with the woman who answered the door. 

Back down the street, we returned to the Trunk or Treat and closed it down - in the Jumper. Yup, two MORE hours of standing around meeting other nice parents waiting for their kids to work off sugar-highs in the Jumper. Guess what... the Jumper doesn't work.


All I have to say is next year He is carving the pumpkins!

(Copied over from Just Add Color where I accidentally posted it in my delirium.)