Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hair Today…

He wasn’t really that thrilled to get a hair cut.
And I admit, I kind of like that long hair – until I look at pictures of his messy, no style ‘do! He is blessed with my hairline (and thickness) that just falls right down into his face.

It was time.

So we went to our favorite guy at our local Floyd’s Barbershop. Alan has been cutting Harrison’s hair since he was four years old and we adore him (well I adore him, Harrison thinks he’s cool).
To be honest, myself being the Murphy Brown of hairstylists, I don’t know what I will do if {when} Alan moves on in life. Harrison always walks out with a great cut.
On the first visit Harrison came up with something to preoccupy his time in the chair (as DVD viewing was no longer an option). He discovered the little, built-in ashtray on the arm of the chair.

He began scooping up cut hair and shoving it in the ashtray; and to his happy surprise it came out for better ease of use! Three years later, he still scoops up as much hair as possible (which was AH. LOT. this go-round) and smashes it down in the metal container.

Somehow, I suspect this is as much action as that little ashtray gets all year, seeing as how most indoor public places are smoking-free.

The hair is cut, the ashtray emptied, the lollipop crunched - and here is the NEW {7-year-old} Harrison.

Happy Monday!

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