Monday, December 31, 2007

BSM - "Presents!" - Christmas 2007

Since we left to go out of town on Christmas morning, we put off opening gifts until we returned; so yesterday morning when we woke up I said to Harrison, "Merry Christmas!"

"Let's go downstairs, Mommy!"

"And what's downstairs?" I asked.


Yup, even Harrison knew it was finally time to open those gifts under the tree.
And since we couldn't find his bathrobe, Harrison chose to wear his "super cape" to do some super gift opening!

So today's best shot is Harrison, albeit jet-lagged, enjoying his favorite gift from Santa. The Pat-Pat Rocket from Little Einstein.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

No, You Did Not!

Oh Yes I did! I put trains on our Christmas card!
I finally gave in and sent out photo cards this year...only I used Harrison's version of our family portrait. After all, part of the wonder and joy of Christmas is seeing it through a child's eyes, right?

So Merry Christmas to all!!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Theme Thursday - Window

This week's theme took me back to some pictures I took when Harrison was 9 months old and he went to South Dakota for the first time. The last few nights in town, we stayed with my old friend at her bed & breakfast right in the middle of down town. A great place to stay when you visit the Black Hills! (Although I admit it's right across from one of Rapid City's most popular hot spots and I had NO IDEA how loud people are at 2AM when they leave the bar! I was really that loud when I frequented these establishments? Nah, I didn't frequent bars and such - and I have some cheap property in China to sell!)

Okay, so the Bed & Breakfast probably isn't ideal for a family; but how many Bed and Breakfasts are? After all, most are designed for romantic get-aways, honeymoons and such. The words romantic get-away and children don't really go together. Albeit, we had a great time and Harrison LOVED the window! I personally loved the KING sized bed comfy bed! (Did I mention all to myself...well part of the night anyway.)

So a shout out to Judi and the gang, we love you! Merry Christmas!

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Thanks Stacy!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Move Over Donald Trump!

We took a family picture in front of the tree the other night for the Christmas newsletter. Almost everybody had to brush their hair first. The GID helped brush Harrison's hair while I set up the camera.

I looked up and said, "Honey, you need to fix his hair.

He looked at it as only a guy would do, and said, "What??"

"Look at it!"

"I brushed it!"

"I see that..."

I snapped a picture. Then I fluffed the hair and took another picture.
Here's the out take I showed the GID.

His comment...


Nice comb-over, eh? I cut Harrison's hair today.

Family portraits

So I collected everyone and got them outside for a photo shoot. A teenager, a toddler, the guy I dig and a spastic dog. Not too hard; finally got a good one when the dog sat still. the cards are printed and go in the mail tomorrow. Cross my fingers. Work has a way lately of, well, getting in the way!

Here are some outtakes from the day:

What do you mean that doesn't look like us? Well you'll have to wait for a day to see the final product...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Best Shot Monday - Another Happy Day!

We took a little break from the real world and headed over to the happiest place on earth - or so they say - on Saturday. It was definitely crowded, but that didn't stop Harrison. We still had a great day. So my best shot would be of that big goofy smile Harrison makes when he is especially giddy.


This is how the started - I got out of the house late, he got tired...for a moment.


On the carousal. (I couldn't get a picture of his face on his first roller coaster ride in Toon Town - I'm sure it wasn't unlike these!)

On our way home.

Need we say more?

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

2-year-old tree decorating 101

1. Finish "craps" (craft) from church.

2. Stick in tree branches.

3. After discovering mommy removed said "craps" from tree during nap-time exclaim, "Whaaida-meenet!"

4. Return "craps" to tree.

5. All done.

Another Saturday and I Ain't Got No Blog Done

I've got some money 'cause I just got paid

Now, I wish I had some time to blog on...

I'm in an awful way!

We started (I started) to decorate for Christmas last two weeks ago and there are still Christmas boxes lying around. Not to mention laundry and dishes and sick family members and, wait what am I don't here, then?

Well, it hasn't been all work and no play! Last Sunday as I'm making dinner I hear police sirens. Normally that means little to me since we live a block from a police station; but this night means that Santa is coming through town a-la police and fire department! I wasn't ready for Santa so I scoop up Harrison, his shoes, his sweater and run out the door and down the street to catch Santa! Of course I get there to find I have plenty of time. Once we get to Santa, Harrison is all about having NOTHING to do with this moment. Until he got a lollipop. Then as we casually walk away Harrison says, "Maybe Santa wants come home and play games..."

This is the second year in a row we have scooped up Harrison and run after Santa. Last year the GID heard the fire truck sirens and yelled, "SANTA!" I think he was more excited at the time. Plus, last year Harrison was only 20 months and it was dark out, but the GID grabbed him and went sprinting down the street yelling, "Wait! Santa! Wait!" Well they stopped for us - where they usually stop. Who knew we didn't have to panic. Also the GID got up with Harrison to meet Santa; but I didn't have shoes on, let alone a camera at the time! Frankly, I think Harry was so stunned by the initial event of getting out the door, that he didn't have time to react to Santa.

The best picture:

In Harrison's words, "Ho Ho Ho, I'm Santa, Merry Christmas!"

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Theme Thursday - Change

Apparently December has got the best of me, I haven't had any personal time on to blog at all lately. I've actually had posts for Last Friday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (below) But, alas, I just couldn't sit down to start or finish them. But I really wanted to post for the last Theme Thursday at Picture This; so, stubborn as I am, I'm posting anyway. Just so I could. It may be two days late but I want to say thanks for the fun, Tracey!!

Change is in the air and over the past year I've pondered that change in my own life as I reflected back on moving to Southern California 20 years ago. Wow. That's a long time! So as I prepare my Christmas cards I thought I would share how we have CHANGED. This is a preview of our Christmas letter, I removed the "letter" part.
click on the image for a larger view.

Monday, December 3, 2007

I Can't Count

Wonder who IS lucky number 7 that DIDN'T get tagged!

We'll never know.

Super Why Monday!

I've mentioned in the past that Harrison is all about Super Why. Well the other day he discovered that I could make a cape for him and suddenly he is a superhero! All day - right up to bathtime that cape stayed on and he ran around shouting, "Super Why, superhero saves the day!"

It wasn't long before he found out that superheros get tired and have to clean up toys when all done playing, too.

His mommy found out that she is highly camera challenged this week...

Sunday, December 2, 2007


For a Meme! My first, does this mean I have arrived in blogging world!?! Wow, I received a meme tag AND an award in less than a week. For most bloggers it's nothing, but heck, I still consider myself a newbie, here.

I digress... As I was saying - I've been tagged with the Seven Random Facts meme by Melody A. because I will soon be visiting her fine city (well, me and 20 of my closest relatives!)

The rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you.
2. Post the rules.
3. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
4. “Tag” 7 people at the end of the post and include links to their blogs. Okay, here's the thing - 7 people? Eek.
5. Let each person know that you tagged them.

So here goes the random facts:

1. I went to Mt. Rushmore on my Prom night

2. I hum while I eat (and when the dentist has my mouth propped open pulling out wisdom teeth - he and his assistant were trying to guess what the tune was as they worked...)

3. I am one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon

4. I love Tequila - straight up - no lime, no salt, no problem

5. At one time in my life I could bench press 100 pounds. (Now I can bench press the bar - 45 pounds)

6. I once sent an acting resume out for a job that listed my height is 7'5" tall. (I got the job and a guy! The employer is now my husband)

7. I have "surprised" my own "surprise birthday party" 3 times in my life by walking in at the wrong time - unbeknownst to me!

Okay, so now I'm tagging some of you out there, I hope you will forgive me -especially if you've been tagged before with this. Unofficially, #8 would be: I never forward emails that tell me I need to forward to X number of people! :)
Here it goes: Momology, Brittany, BlueberryandBean, LolaLiving, ChaoticFamilyPicture and Natalie who shares Favorite Phrase Friday with us. There's love for all of you!