Thursday, December 20, 2007

Theme Thursday - Window

This week's theme took me back to some pictures I took when Harrison was 9 months old and he went to South Dakota for the first time. The last few nights in town, we stayed with my old friend at her bed & breakfast right in the middle of down town. A great place to stay when you visit the Black Hills! (Although I admit it's right across from one of Rapid City's most popular hot spots and I had NO IDEA how loud people are at 2AM when they leave the bar! I was really that loud when I frequented these establishments? Nah, I didn't frequent bars and such - and I have some cheap property in China to sell!)

Okay, so the Bed & Breakfast probably isn't ideal for a family; but how many Bed and Breakfasts are? After all, most are designed for romantic get-aways, honeymoons and such. The words romantic get-away and children don't really go together. Albeit, we had a great time and Harrison LOVED the window! I personally loved the KING sized bed comfy bed! (Did I mention all to myself...well part of the night anyway.)

So a shout out to Judi and the gang, we love you! Merry Christmas!

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Thanks Stacy!!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, a king-sized bed. I would sleep great too -- and sometimes sleep is the most romantic thing in the world!

Brittany said...

Look at little tiny Harrison!!!! :)

So cute! Great photos.

Stacy said... all the pictures. What a little sweetie! :) Perfect shot of him in the window.

I love B&B's too, sometimes it is iffy and you don't know what to expect, but we stayed in a great one this summer.

Christina said...

Such a tiny little Harrison! I love the first picture. I have never stayed in a B&B but would LOVE to someday!