Monday, January 10, 2011

Three Up - Twelve Times

Blogging often taken a back seat to our busy lives in 2010 but the intention was always there. As I browsed through my personal photos from 2010, I remembered events and adventures we went on, all the moments we lived that didn’t quite get blogged and I realized the incredible growth that took place in this wonderful little boy - in just. one. year.
So here it goes…
Three Up – 12 Times.
January triptych
February triptych
March triptych
April triptych
May triptych
June triptych
July triptych
August triptych
September triptych
October triptych
Novemberl triptych
December triptych
Hard to believe that in less than two months he’s going to be six years old.
He amazes me every day with his energy, his wit, his spirit.
He is a BOY… ready to take on the world.