Sunday, September 28, 2008

Best Shot Monday - New Family Friends

We had a house guest from New Zealand this past week; Harrison loved having her with us and he immediately began giving her English lessons as only a Preschooler can do...

I had forgotten that Wednesday was all about the color red; as we drove home from our errands we counted all the red cars, trucks and stop signs we could see.

So when Harrison woke up from his nap and met Joanne he started showing her his toys and they talked about the color red. Then I overheard Harrison correcting Joanne...
"No." Harrison says, "Not reed - Red."

"Reed." she repeats, accent and all.

"No, not reed! RED!" he slowly but firmly exerts.
American Accent lesson 101. B-

On Friday Harrison wanted to take our house guest to "a fun place" (a.k.a. The Fun Factory - house of games.) She was totally game for that! [no pun intended] During our outing at a fun place, Harrison had his first air-hockey experience!

Below is my best shot at the concentration of the game.

he wasn't too bad at it. When he would stay at the table that is.

At the end of her stay, Harrison wasn't at all happy about taking his new girl-friend to the airport or saying goodbye; so when we got home we pulled out the globe to find where New Zealand is located.

Harrison charted out the flight from California to New Zealand with his airplane. [Red of course.]

Then he went to the park Sunday evening with Daddy - and met a new girlfriend.

She's five years old, her name was Harley.

"What's my girl's name again, mommy?"

"Joanne." I answer.

"No, the little one."

"Harley." I reply.

"Yeah, that's it." he sighs, "She shared a cookie with me."

Easy come, easy go - when you're three-years-old.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Theme Thursday - Idle Time

Sometimes it's good just to slow down a bit.

Wrap up in the Big Blue Blanket to drink a smoothie...

And take a break.

Company in town, we'll catch up this weekend.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - I Spy a Boy...

As I prepare for a special visitor and gnash my teeth over plumbing problems, I realize all is quite in the house...

I peek through the crack in the door- literally. Then I get the camera out to take a picture through said crack in door. As usual.

There he sits, at mommy's desk, concentrating on the computer screen.

Oh goodness, which letter to chose...such are the decisions as he plays a reading game on the (Thanks R!)

The prize - singing zig-zag boys, turkeys or other silly animal, plenty of laughs and another fun way of learning his ABC's.

And I get to take pictures through a crack in the door.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Channeling Some Luke Skywalker...

Halloween is just around the corner and this year Harrison was VERY clear on what he wanted to be. (Not that he has a full appreciation for the event - but I'm sure THIS year will solidify it in his brain... and where the candy just magically disappeared out of sight and out of mind after a few satisfying pieces last year; this year may pose more of a challenge.)

It has begun, the consummate joy and understanding of holidays. From a child's perspective that is to say; Halloween equates costumes and candy, Christmas - presents and candy, Valentines day - hearts and candy, Easter - eggs and candy. See a familiar theme? Funny thing is, I never emphasized the candy, he is just bombarded by the blatant over-marketing of a given holiday anywhere we go.

What does this mean for me, one whom seems to not be prepared for or get into the "spirit of season" until the 11th hour? It means -

Game On Girl!!

This year I decided to be proactive, Harrison repeatedly announced that he wanted to be Obi Wan Kanobi, so I started doing some searching.

Star Wars outfits are expensive!! D'oh!

Then last week we stopped by a place on the way home from church, I talked to the owner a bit, found the Star Wars section and made a mental note for another time. But the owner, having 6 kids of his own, gave his "one and only Halloween gift", as he put it. He offered a substantial discount for the costume. I accepted.

We came home and immediately tried the costume on again. Harrison was excited, yes, but when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time - well, the moment was priceless. The expression that enveloped his face is one that shatters a mother's heart into a million pieces on contact.

A look of Total Exhilaration.

And then he slept in it.

And that is MY Best Shot.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Theme Thursday - Let the Music Play

I have an old Airline record player with a lot of 78s from the 1940's, I love it. But since the time that Harrison started walking it has been turned around to face the wall because the knobs were just too tempting not to touch.

Well, last week I decided to turn it around and try it out. I haven't had it plugged in for a couple years and he is able to exercise self-control in areas of what is his to touch and what is not.

Harrison immediately fell in love, not because the knobs turn as before; but simply for the entire experience - beginning to end.

Once he saw what happens,

he wanted to pick out the records,

Put them on the turntable, watch them drop,

Listen to the music coming out...

And then dance!

Now we have to turn it on every couple of days and dance together. He loves the "oldies" and shares the record player music with whomever will listen.

It's a regular part of our playtime together, which I cherish because I'll take any excuse to hold that little boy in my arms and dance around the room with him - especially when he is the one who initiates it.

I think [hope] he is gaining an appreciation for all things "old-fashioned". He'll point out vintage and antique items and tell me that they are "old-fashioned" and we need to be careful. But he sees the fun we can have with some of them, too.

Breathing new life into old stuff...what better playtime then that?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

His First Sports Experience - Soccer 101!

We signed the ever-running Harrison up for soccer thinking it would be a good outlet for his all his unending energy. Last Tuesday was his first day.

Yup. I took the camera.

Here are the obligatory pictures from the momentous occasion.

The cool shin pads and outfit.

Good thing the soccer coach can read upside down,
he insisted on putting his name tag on - in this fashion.

Me thinks he likes his coach..."she's pretty mommy!"
And she has a story time with them. Rock on!

He was all about the exercises.

...and I mean ALL ABOUT the exercises!

He hung on her every word, and did all she asked of him.

When the hour was over, balls were scattered across the field so Harrison took it upon himself to help the coach pick them up. Mm-hm, he's smitten.

The soccer program is not a competitive program, rather it takes them how to play and get more coordinated in the game. It's designed for children 3 years to 5 years old.

Tomorrow I'm not taking the camera. I'll just go be a "soccer mom" and watch from the sidelines (and wish I had brought the camera)

Ok, I better take the camera.

Best Little Girlfriend

Harrison and I went to a 9/11 Memorial Dedication on Saturday. During what was some of the most intense dialog retelling that day, Harrison was actually sitting behind the giant library return box playing with a little girl about half his age - literally!

He referred to her as his "little girlfriend".
"Mommy, this is my little girlfriend!"
When she moved away, he chased after her, and then she would take him by the hand and lead him to the curbside to "sit!". Then try to make him stand, only to tell him to "sit!" again.

At first she played hard to get, talking to her play-groupies on her daddy's blackberry. Boy they start young, eh?

Soon she warmed up to him though, and then it was all good from there on out. She hung on his every word. They held hands. He whispered sweet Toddler nothings in her ear at her.

Here is my best shot.

Then her daddy came and swept her up to rush her back to the castle tower. It happened so fast that Harrison even didn't get to goodbye. He doesn't do well without proper closure and he crawled into my arms and began weeping for his "Little Girlfriend".
"Mommy, where's my little girlfriend? I need to find her."

Wow, his first broken heart from a girlfriend.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sometimes He Stops...

Running Around - That is.

This is a shot straight out of the camera from a couple weeks ago when we drug the mattress into Harrison's room. We have since set up the entire bed and it has a become a quiet haven to relax and rest - if only for a moment.

Because of the way his room is laid out, we can't put the bed up against any wall. So we lose play area space and up the chances of falling out by 50%; but he likes sitting on his bed to play.

He did fall out one night last week - onto a pile of cardboard nesting blocks. It rudely disrupted his sleep, but a few minutes of rocking and comforting had him quickly back to sleep.

Even Bucky-bear likes the new bed!

Now if I can only get that blue floral wallpaper off the walls!!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Camera Love Runs in the Family

Today is a Little Perspective Day at Mother May I!

A perfect occasion to post images taken by Harrison from his point of view. He loves getting the camera out and taking pictures then looking at them. But the camera memory card has been full so this was a perfect reason to download those pictures and had the camera over to him for more picture fun!

Looking at his pictures, I realize that Harrison has modeled some of my behavior. Get a close perspective of things. I think he'll be wishing for a macro lens soon, too! Can you guess what this is sitting in his lap?

It a foot pump for the exercise ball. He loves this thing, it's one of his favorite toys.

And this? Um, what does this kid love more than anything in the world?

It's the top view of his Star Wars rocket. What I love about Harrison is that he actually announces what he is going to take a picture of, or who.

It gives you time to smile or maybe fix your hair. [Oh, wait, he doesn't have any hair. Well there you go then, he's always ready!]

And after watching me stand on chairs to get right over things or lay down on the ground to take pictures, Harrison jumps right in and doesn the same thing!

I guess the Star Wars rocket needed to be in this shot too. Maybe he was doing a photoshot with it...

I promise to get him out of the house for some nature shots (as long as he doesn't drop the camera in any water.) In the mean time head over to Tracey's to see more from a Little Perspective!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - He's All...


Balloon holdin' -


More Wordless Wednesday here.

A little bit of Bloggy-business and a BIG OLE' Belated THANK YOU!

Sometime late last year I blew right by my 100th post, I didn't realize it until 20 or 30 posts later. So I thought, I won't miss my Blogiversary (Blogging Anniversary)!! I have to celebrate one year of blogging and everything that it has awakened and changed in my life creatively.

But on August 11, exactly one year to the date that I started blogging. I let the day slip by, as Mondays often do. I was working on my monthly newsletter for work and Harrison was having a REALLY tough time his last two weeks in camp. I was drained and exhausted. I missed the bloggy love fest that is a blogiversary. (Love fest provided by me).

Well I still have a shot at the 100th post recognition and blogiversary over here! In the mean time, Harrison would like to say a little thank you for having a camera in his face EVEN MORE now that we blog regularly.

thank you to all of you that stop by to read and/or comment. You have blessed me with your love and kindness, stretched me and challenged me to strive for more as a parent and a creative being. I know I don't always get back to everyone in a timely fashion [the REAL world has to take some priority now and then...] but I am thankful beyond words. I hope you keep coming back for more! And I may just have to respond to you in my own comment section to keep up better!

Beyond that, Elaine from Miss Elaine-ous Life gave me a blog award back at the end of (A-hem) July. I want to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU! for that!! I'm brillante?! Cool.

Go visit her and see other blogs she recommends, now I'm supposed to tag 7 other blogs. But really Elaine covered some of my favorites. So here are some that I pop in on regularly and enjoy for SO many reasons from pure laughter to Harrison's doppleganger in a matter of speaking.

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Okay, there's 7 blogs, not that I don't appreciate EVERYONE out there that I read. And please don't feel "obligied" to pass it on really - especially if you recieved it already. Just feel the love.

So once again Elaine - THANK YOU!

Oh and for the friends and family out there scratching their heads over this post...

We now return to our regulary scheduled programing.

Up next - Wordless Wednesday [not that Harrison is EVER at a loss for words!]

Monday, September 8, 2008

Not Just Another Monday...

Big Stride, big strides - that's what we have taken in the last week. From Monday to Monday, Harrison has gone from wearing pull ups to underwear 98% of the time.

He started Nursery school and is loving it.

He insisted on pulling out the big mattress and has been sleeping on it.

He stopped needing the cup of milk before bed.

He took it upon himself to clean up [some] of his messes without being asked 3 times.

And tonight he went to sleep in a new [to him] bed.

This evening, Big Brother helped pull out his old Jr. bed, that he slept in up until we got him a loft, so that we could set it up for Harrison.

Harrison was very happy to have Big Brother's bed. We know how happy he was because as we took down the crib and set up the bed, he asked if it was big Brother's bed and if he was getting Big Brother's bed then announced his joy at our reply every two minutes.

With the wooden frame complete, Harrison proudly named the bed R2.

As in R2D2 of Star Wars fame...

Then he broke it in with jumping for 15 minutes.

Sorry the pictures are so bad, I remembered to change my camera settings for action shots but it was dark when I took these.

Yup, leave it to my child to name his bed after a Star Wars droid.

On a separate note, today was Best Shot Monday, head over there (if you haven't already) and see what Tracey has been up to as well as more best shots!

Tracey has also proposed a Little Perspective Friday and started a Flickr pool by the same name to help us encourage our child's creative vision behind the lens. Harrison has been using a camera since he was two and a half. First, a Fisher Price camera and then one of my older point and shoot cameras; I've posted his pictures for BSM in the past but I look forward to occasionally posting more on Fridays.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Favorite Phrase Friday

We were in the car stopped at a stop light the other day when Harrison saw [what I thought was] a movie poster. He points to it and says,
"Mommy look! Her dreaming.
Her dreaming 'bout... her dreaming 'bout..."
"I don't know what her dreaming 'bout."

Last week Harrison started calling me My Darling. He says it in a drawn out sigh - "My Daarrrleeng".

He uses it most often when he is rejecting something like when I asked him if he was ready to get into the car, "No, My Darling...", he replies.

I asked him the other day if he was ready to get out of the shower (at which time he was lying on the shower floor playing in the "rain"). He responds "Not yet, My Mother, My Darling".

If I use My Darling, he corrects me and says, "No. I say My Darling, you don't say My Darling."

Oops, sorry.

But the question that keeps coming up - even when pulling into the driveway after a long day of fun is -

"Are we going to a fun place?"
"Are we going somewhere fun?"
Yes, I mentioned it before, but I've heard it every day, at least twice a day for the last 3 weeks.

So when all else fails - take him to he Fun Factory on the pier - It's like Chuck E. Cheese - without the Chuck E. Cheese. And pizza. And billions of obnoxious kids madly dashing around pumped up on various artificial sweeteners.

Hey Guy-I-dig! Maybe can we go to a fun place next-later and have something hungry! That will be a great idea, I'm 'cited!!


Theme Thursday - Creating, Playing, Relaxing

Labor Day weekend was about taking it easy for us. Harrison and I made a "tent" in his room [which is still up]. He calls it the haunted party house - mainly from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, I'm not sure why.

He also went to the guestroom closet and requested that we get the "bigger boy" bed out; so I set it up for him to try.

There was much rejoicing and jumping.

And more jumping!

And then some rest...
Then we just relaxed and hung out on his mattress and played with toys for a couple of hours.

He loves the barrel of monkeys that I still had from my childhood.

He's been sleeping on the mattress the last couple of nights (and days), I think I see a big bed being fully set up in the near future here!

Wow, a big bed and big-boy underwear in one week! What's next?!

It's true, when they're ready - They Are Ready!

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