Sunday, September 21, 2008

Channeling Some Luke Skywalker...

Halloween is just around the corner and this year Harrison was VERY clear on what he wanted to be. (Not that he has a full appreciation for the event - but I'm sure THIS year will solidify it in his brain... and where the candy just magically disappeared out of sight and out of mind after a few satisfying pieces last year; this year may pose more of a challenge.)

It has begun, the consummate joy and understanding of holidays. From a child's perspective that is to say; Halloween equates costumes and candy, Christmas - presents and candy, Valentines day - hearts and candy, Easter - eggs and candy. See a familiar theme? Funny thing is, I never emphasized the candy, he is just bombarded by the blatant over-marketing of a given holiday anywhere we go.

What does this mean for me, one whom seems to not be prepared for or get into the "spirit of season" until the 11th hour? It means -

Game On Girl!!

This year I decided to be proactive, Harrison repeatedly announced that he wanted to be Obi Wan Kanobi, so I started doing some searching.

Star Wars outfits are expensive!! D'oh!

Then last week we stopped by a place on the way home from church, I talked to the owner a bit, found the Star Wars section and made a mental note for another time. But the owner, having 6 kids of his own, gave his "one and only Halloween gift", as he put it. He offered a substantial discount for the costume. I accepted.

We came home and immediately tried the costume on again. Harrison was excited, yes, but when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time - well, the moment was priceless. The expression that enveloped his face is one that shatters a mother's heart into a million pieces on contact.

A look of Total Exhilaration.

And then he slept in it.

And that is MY Best Shot.


chaoticfamily said...

Wow you are amazing and he looks so cute - won't you be laughing at me when I'm scrambling the week before - lol ha ha!

Donna Blessed Nest said...

so daughter is counting down the days...I love that he slept in it..hehe

Brittany said...

Aw! I love it! :) He's so adorable.

We are piecing costumes together, still. sigh.

Totally love that he slept in.

Blueberry said...

"and then he slept in it"! HA!
these are wonderful, wonderful shots.

bean wants to be a flamingo for halloween..... i'm not sure how to pull that one off.

Mia's Mama said...

*smile* HUGE *smile*

He looks super fab and ready to take on Darth.

The force is strong in that one :)

Those shots are amazing! He looks sooooooo thrilled. Great job on the costume and the captures.

Happy Monday!

Christina said...

The holidays are going to be such a different experience here, too! She's really going to GET IT this year, and I'm so excited for that! We haven't settled on a costume yet, tho - it's different every time I ask. Harrison looks unbelievably cute in his Star Wars get-up!

Jen said...

My daughter would freak out if she saw this. She keeps changing her mind who she wants to be for Halloween. Harrison looks so cute!! He is definitely ready to fight evil.

HipMomma said...

Well, I don't think you could have made your boy any happier.

Joanna said...

What a perfect Obi Wan. I love how you talked about his face when he finally saw himself in the mirror. The look of pure joy on a childs face is wonderful. Great job Mommmy!

Jaimee said...

he looks so cute! and, how fun that he got so excited this year! you are amazing to already have Halloween done!

Amy Jo said...

So cute! The action in that second shot is fun!

My husband wants to dress our kids as Yoda and Leia. Wish me luck!

Stacy said...

Oh. My. So sweet! He looks like he is ready to take on the galaxy. LOL at the sleeping in it part - you KNOW he loves it then, right?

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh my, it doesn't get any cuter than THAT. And I adore that he knows what he wants already. Daaaang Harrison is a cutie!

carrie said...

check you out, girl!
oh, that look is just too much, too.
he looks like a supreme Obi!

Maggie said...

Oh that is an awesome costume!