Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

WANTED: one young female to act as damsel in distress/Princess Geunevere - 24/7. Short rest breaks and food provided. Must be willing to marry Prince Caspian/Sir Lancelot/black knight when saved from evil dragon and/or participate in impromptu jousts. Serious inquires only to PrinceCaspian@I'

Happy {wordless} Wednesday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

This is Where I Say "Doh"

A week ago Saturday Harrison's Klean Kanteen went missing at a church dinner - right off the table. Ugh! Two and half years we've schlepped that canteen around - countless trips to Disneyland, museums, parks, the zoo, the beach, play dates at school - only to lose it at a church function, inside the building. Bummer.

After friends searched for it for me (I'm 30 miles away from that church) I broke down and ordered a new one online. I told Harrison we getting a new canteen. The new canteen arrived on Friday and I opened it after Harrison was in bed.

If felt different and it seemed smaller. It wasn't smaller...

but it still felt different.

Saturday morning I pointed out the new canteen to Harrison, he picked it up. a look came across his face and he packed it back in the box it had arrived in and said, "I don't like it, it's not the same. I'm sending it back."

(I didnt' say a word to him about the night before.)

Anger ensued on his part for a good portion of the morning over the canteen issue.

And then it dawned on me. We have had that canteen in hand EVERY day for two and half years!
Every day.  We both knew the exact feel and weight of that container, it had become an old friend...

Why had I not seen it before?

The Klean Kanteen had transformed into a kind of Security Blanket for Harrison. He depends on that water bottle being always near by, and yes, it has even gone up to bed at night with him on occasion. (It has a non-leaking sippy attachment that doesn't leak - something else I had to replace.)

Harrison's Kateen on a play date with my friend's triplet Kaneens.

So my child is overly attached to his canteen. Who knew! Apparently not me.
Then again, I think I really did know - I just didn't put two and two together fully.
The good news is, Harrison and his new Kanteen getting aclimated with each other; I think this is the beginning of a {long and} beautiful friendship.
 If you want to know why we use a stainless steel canteen rather then any other type of sippy cup/ water bottle, I'll give you the quick list. 
  1. Easy to keep and clean
  2. Lightweight and DURABLE
  3. No leaching of plastics
  4. No concern of BPA 
  5. Reusable, reusable, reusable.
All I can say is that we  LOVE our stainless steel canteens.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Out of the Nest

We took Big Brother up to college and moved him into his dorm; he's rooming with a friend from high school. The dorm is brand spanking new and is still has last minute touches being completed; there's even a pool right outside their second floor window!

Seriously, I didn't have a pool at my college campus dorm!

They also have high speed internet access in all the rooms, card-key access to the dorm building, their rooms and even their bathrooms (one bathroom per every two rooms), and a really nice common area with pool tables, flat screen televisions and more. Pretty nice set up. Not like when I went to college.


Harrison started making "notes" for his "dorm"  in his little notebook for when "he moves to the dorm".  He talked dorm talk all day. Luckily, he is taking Big Brother going off to college in stride; although today he asked when big Brother woud be coming home, "is he coming in a while?"

This is Big Brother's RA, he seems hip enough (isn't that such a nerdy parent comment?) Actually for a short time Harrison stole the show. Big Brother's RA was sitting in the lobby for Freshman check-in with two female RAs - and we walked up - two freshman, three sets of parents and one four-year-old. The girls? "Oh LOOK, your little brother! He's so cute!!" then Harrison went to work pouring out his charm. No joke. At the end of the day as we walked back up to the dorm to drop off a couple more things one of the girls was standing near by and called, "Harrison's back!"

Big Brother receives some last minute advice at the school-sponsored family picnic.

The boys together.

It's kind of weird here; knowing that he's not going to be walking in at any moment.

But we have no doubt he's going to have great fun.

He hasn't called yet...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

SOOC Saturday - "It won't let go!"

As I sat at my desk this morning I hear disgruntled moaning and grunting from beyond the sofa. "Harrison, what is it?"

"AAUGH! I've got something stuck on my bottom!!"

"Well come over here let me help you get it off."

"I can't! It' won't let go of me!"


I go over to help him get something off his bottom that wasn't the sticker I had envisioned.

Oh, no...

I scooped him up and requested assistance from daddy - it even made a suction cup sound coming off! Am I living in a live-action cartoon?

Then he went and did it again.

"Mommy, take a picture of me!"


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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Daddy Files - Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is the GID's birthday. Harrison was set on getting him a birthday gift, "I want to get daddy a DJ present... I know!! How about a DJ cord!?" With some easy coaxing, we went to the Dollar Tree store and Harrison picked out a "DJ flashlight" AND a toy because "Daddy needs a toy!"

Of course, Harrison had to get a matching "toy".

GI Joe helmets. 
This would be Harrison's "Prince Caspian" look. (complete with remnants of face painting from camp)
Speaking of Prince Caspian, we borrowed the BBC version of the Chronicles of Narnia from the library. Harrison has been talking non-stop about Prince Caspian and the "Barnicles of Yarnyia" all week.
We also went to see the movie "Up" as a family at the $3 theater yesterday. The GID and I loved it; oh my gosh it was so well done and entertaining. [And as one friend put it, the movie provides so many object lessons to talk to Harrison about from how to treat others and be a friend to how anger can hurt people.] Harrison really enjoyed it too; but Prince Caspian wound not be so easily dethroned by a flying house and talking dog. 
At one point in the movie old Carl says to young Russell "Let's play a game, it's called who can stay quiet the longest." at that moment Harrison turns to the GID and happily {albeit not so quietly} announces, "Hey! We play that game at home!"
If only that game really worked...

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Daddy Files - Hannah Montana

You know, I had a friend during my first year of college named Hannah - she WAS from Montana. We used to call her Hannah from Montana. Then it would blend into Hannah Montana. I wonder if she ever gets that from people now days.

I doubt it too.

On with the Daddy Files; Harrison and Daddy were hanging out in the "Good Morning Room" [Harrison's name for it] a.k.a. The Guest room, The Music room, The Game room. This day it was The Music Room as they were playing guitar, piano and the bongo drums. The G.I.D. suddenly felt compelled to turn on the TV.  Hannah Montana was on at that moment. [yes, the Disney Channel - don't judge me]

Harrison said, "Hey, that's Hannah Montana!"

GID responded "Is she Pretty?"

Harrison, "LOOK at her!"

Am I in trouble or what?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

More Wordless Wednesday here.

The Daddy Files - Taking a walk

Between flying a kite and looking at the moon through the telescope, Harrison and his Daddy took a walk this evening. At one point Harrison started running ahead - as he eften does - tripped and fell, splat, on the sidewalk.

He scrapped his knees [he promptly showed me said scrapes when I popped my head in to kiss him good night after being at church for the evening] and started crying for...who else? Me; but I wasn't readily on hand for boo-boo duty. Daddy picked him up to comfort him but he cried more, wanting mommy. He was still crying for me while Daddy was trying to console him when...

He exclaimed, "Look! A Squirrel!"

A short discussion about the squirrel ensued, [which the G.I.D. says was really just a leaf shaped like a squirrel but Harrison wouldn't believe it.] then...

"Let's run more!" 

And that was the end of that.

I don't know about you, but it made us think of Doug, the dog from the movie "Up".