Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When Five-Year-Olds Pack

Also visible - one flashlight, one "snake" swimsuit and one ball cap ready for vacation action.

We loved watching Harrison pack his suitcase. He was quite passionate and determined about what had to be in it all the way down to his tooth brush; which when reminded that he still had to brush his teeth he exuberantly responded, "I have a spare!"

Once he was all finished packing and wheeling his suitcase around the house he announced to the GID, "Okay while we're gone you're in change."

See you in a couple weeks!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday | The Chair

There is sits - in the only open space we have now days - the inspiration chair.
And he sits in it every chance he gets.
He's made it very clear that this chair isn't going anywhere.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Little Magic

Now with a volunteer from the audience I will show you, the audience, how a magic trick is done.
It's a secret from Harrison so don't tell him...
 I have two decks of cards, which color to you like, Harrison? Red?
 Okay, we'll use blue.
I'll shuffle the cards you pull a card - but don't look at it...
I'm going to show our audience - shhh, no hints to Harrison.
Hold it on your chest, no peeking and don't let me see it!
Now from this deck of cards, I will choose your card.
As you can see it's a normal deck of cards just like the blue deck of cards, no tricks...
In my hand I am holding the card that matches your card...
What do you mean this doesn't match Harrison's card?
He has the eight of hearts?
Harrison, hand my your card...

They match! They're both the ten of hearts!

And that, my friends, is magic.

Now for the big finish, I will break free from the straight jacket behind me while singing opera...
[true story]

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mom! Take a Picture of Me!

And like this!
 Okay, like this...let me see...
 and this...
How 'bout this!
 "how about one nice smile, honey?"


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Monday, July 5, 2010

Best Size for New Adventures

I admit, sometiimes I miss this size (but not necessarily that sleep deprecation that accompanied it). 

But, oh, look at what this size can do! 



he went from this (into the wading area)...

To this...
 To finally this!

Each time he tired something new down the water slide, he squealed with delight. He got a couple bumps and adjusted, he came out of his tube one time and landed in the water only holding on to it - but again, he didn't panic. And after of five hours of swimming in the deep end, he went off to swimming lessons this morning with a new found confidence in the water.
So why wasn't I nervous about Harrison's new adventure in the water.

Because I was happily standing near this guy most of the time!

This summer is about BIG {boy} steps. About trying out new things, going places with new people and making what was once impossible (due to mere size) - possible! So I was delighted when Tracey quoted one of my favorite stories, "Alice in Wonderland", today. It is perfect right now.

Visit Tracey's beautiful post today and see more Best Shots.


Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


He started
[big kid] day camp!

You know, the kind where he gets on a big yellow school bus and rides off to fun parks and places...

{without me along-side him}

He was giddy at seeing the bus ready for him to board.

And he didn't even blink an eye.

His first big field trip - to the Long Beach for a guided boat tour around the harbor!
Next week - a trip to the California Science Center for a scavenger hunt.

{I blinked several times realizing just how fast the last five years have gone.}


He also started swim lessons in the morning before camp, five days a week. Phew, what a schedule! I'm even tired at the end of each day. We're busier now then we were during in the school year!

(at least the karate lessons are over with for a while, we were doing those 3x a week through the month of June...)




the living ain't so easy.

Take it away Ella!

Well, I can always fantasize about lazy summer days, drinking iced tea and cool lemonade; but heck, even the weather hasn't been agreeable - we've had 65 degree days for the last couple weeks. That's not Summer.

Harrison asked his dad the other day, "Why is it so cold in the Summer?"

That's what we want to know.

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