Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Best Mom Day Ever!

just one more about those baby teeth.

I’ve been telling Harrison for the last two weeks, “wiggle that top tooth", get it out of there.”  I really wanted it to go and then he lost another tooth but it was a bottom tooth.

The GID even offered to tie a string to his tooth and attach it to a toy rocket (something they watched on YouTube together), how even he would go for that.

Finally, as I was bending down talking to Harrison when I picked him up from camp I suddenly noticed… IT WAS GONE!

He’s toothless! 

How? A ball hit him in the mouth and he swallowed the tooth! Oops.
(and just to clarify, we won’t be looking to retrieve it)

Ouch Report063

I LOVE it! We’ve just crossed another childhood milestone. The toothless grin.

And DANG! That boy is cute without those two front teeth!


(moppy-head and all)

When they’re babies there are milestones we watch in a record -rolling over and sitting up, their first steps and solid foods, first words and potty training. Then as they grow there’s learning new skills, how to ride a bike, learning to read & write and all these moments are intertwined with their first experiences of life – first time they rode in a shopping cart or ate ice cream, sat on Santa’s lap, rode in an airplane or on a bus – the last goes on and on.  But the special milestones, the childhood rites of passage, become fewer and farther between with each birthday.

And those baby teeth.
They are the last little bit of what he once was, my baby boy.  Although I celebrate the loss of his front teeth, I’m thrilled about their departure, It makes me giddy-happy for him; the Mommy in me will miss the Baby Boy in him when his years finally abandon all things “child”.


Luckily I still have time.

And a few more teeth.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday | Bicycling

It was one of those days where he was getting the Mean Reds (well the child-sized version of the Mean Reds, suddenly you're irritated about everything and you don't know why you're irritated)... perfect time to go get some early evening calming, exercise.

Need I say more. Happy Wordless Wednesday!