Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When Five-Year-Olds Pack

Also visible - one flashlight, one "snake" swimsuit and one ball cap ready for vacation action.

We loved watching Harrison pack his suitcase. He was quite passionate and determined about what had to be in it all the way down to his tooth brush; which when reminded that he still had to brush his teeth he exuberantly responded, "I have a spare!"

Once he was all finished packing and wheeling his suitcase around the house he announced to the GID, "Okay while we're gone you're in change."

See you in a couple weeks!


Christina said...

Have fun!!! Harrison could be a professional packer - he's got all the necessities covered! love it.

carrie said...

Haaa! Yeah, when the girls pack their own suitcases they ALWAYS get pulled at the airport by security! I hope Harrison didn't and you are having smooth sailing all the way!

Have a great time!! We'll see you when you get back!