Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Daddy Files - Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is the GID's birthday. Harrison was set on getting him a birthday gift, "I want to get daddy a DJ present... I know!! How about a DJ cord!?" With some easy coaxing, we went to the Dollar Tree store and Harrison picked out a "DJ flashlight" AND a toy because "Daddy needs a toy!"

Of course, Harrison had to get a matching "toy".

GI Joe helmets. 
This would be Harrison's "Prince Caspian" look. (complete with remnants of face painting from camp)
Speaking of Prince Caspian, we borrowed the BBC version of the Chronicles of Narnia from the library. Harrison has been talking non-stop about Prince Caspian and the "Barnicles of Yarnyia" all week.
We also went to see the movie "Up" as a family at the $3 theater yesterday. The GID and I loved it; oh my gosh it was so well done and entertaining. [And as one friend put it, the movie provides so many object lessons to talk to Harrison about from how to treat others and be a friend to how anger can hurt people.] Harrison really enjoyed it too; but Prince Caspian wound not be so easily dethroned by a flying house and talking dog. 
At one point in the movie old Carl says to young Russell "Let's play a game, it's called who can stay quiet the longest." at that moment Harrison turns to the GID and happily {albeit not so quietly} announces, "Hey! We play that game at home!"
If only that game really worked...

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natalie said...

I'm laughing so hard because just the other day, we tried the "be quiet, PLEASE" game. It did NOT go over very well. We said, "M, let's see who can be quiet the longest." "Okay," she agreed. Then she started tapping her foot on a book near her carseat. H said,"M, you have to be quiet to win." A five minute dissertation about how it was her FOOT, not her MOUTH making that noise. Ah... so much for trying.