Friday, August 7, 2009

The Daddy Files - Hannah Montana

You know, I had a friend during my first year of college named Hannah - she WAS from Montana. We used to call her Hannah from Montana. Then it would blend into Hannah Montana. I wonder if she ever gets that from people now days.

I doubt it too.

On with the Daddy Files; Harrison and Daddy were hanging out in the "Good Morning Room" [Harrison's name for it] a.k.a. The Guest room, The Music room, The Game room. This day it was The Music Room as they were playing guitar, piano and the bongo drums. The G.I.D. suddenly felt compelled to turn on the TV.  Hannah Montana was on at that moment. [yes, the Disney Channel - don't judge me]

Harrison said, "Hey, that's Hannah Montana!"

GID responded "Is she Pretty?"

Harrison, "LOOK at her!"

Am I in trouble or what?


carrie said...

big, BIG trouble. lock him up right now!

chaoticfamily said...

Ha ha ha... My guys like her too. My boy has got his drum teacher to let him play one of her songs.