Thursday, September 18, 2008

Theme Thursday - Let the Music Play

I have an old Airline record player with a lot of 78s from the 1940's, I love it. But since the time that Harrison started walking it has been turned around to face the wall because the knobs were just too tempting not to touch.

Well, last week I decided to turn it around and try it out. I haven't had it plugged in for a couple years and he is able to exercise self-control in areas of what is his to touch and what is not.

Harrison immediately fell in love, not because the knobs turn as before; but simply for the entire experience - beginning to end.

Once he saw what happens,

he wanted to pick out the records,

Put them on the turntable, watch them drop,

Listen to the music coming out...

And then dance!

Now we have to turn it on every couple of days and dance together. He loves the "oldies" and shares the record player music with whomever will listen.

It's a regular part of our playtime together, which I cherish because I'll take any excuse to hold that little boy in my arms and dance around the room with him - especially when he is the one who initiates it.

I think [hope] he is gaining an appreciation for all things "old-fashioned". He'll point out vintage and antique items and tell me that they are "old-fashioned" and we need to be careful. But he sees the fun we can have with some of them, too.

Breathing new life into old stuff...what better playtime then that?

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Bradley's Mom said...

I just LOVE this!

The image in my mind of the two of you dancing around the room to the old tunes is just lovely!

You've sure got the right idea!!!


Killlashandra said...

What a great series of shots and words to go with them. Record players are so cool and that's great he expressed interest in all the different steps it takes to play a record and of course enjoy the music. :)

Stacy said...

This is fantastic - both the series of shots and how much fun Harrison is having with the old record player! Those times are what memories are made of. :)

HipMomma said...

That is just AWESOME!! I was just telling the Hub that we've already spoiled the girls in that everything has to be shiny and "glittery". Like it seems that camping is out because there wouldn't be spinning rides. You know? So great that you are exposing Harrison to the simple, no bells and whistle things.

Christina said...

You have so many awesome old things! I love that. I can totally envision you two twirling around the room. & I love the pic of Harrison with his ear prerssed up against it.

Anonymous said...

well, helllooooo...his dad owns a DJ company!! :-)

Jen said...

Oh, that is just perfect. I love the shot of him putting his ear up to the record player.

MGF said...

I love the ear up to the speaker box