Thursday, September 4, 2008

Theme Thursday - Creating, Playing, Relaxing

Labor Day weekend was about taking it easy for us. Harrison and I made a "tent" in his room [which is still up]. He calls it the haunted party house - mainly from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, I'm not sure why.

He also went to the guestroom closet and requested that we get the "bigger boy" bed out; so I set it up for him to try.

There was much rejoicing and jumping.

And more jumping!

And then some rest...
Then we just relaxed and hung out on his mattress and played with toys for a couple of hours.

He loves the barrel of monkeys that I still had from my childhood.

He's been sleeping on the mattress the last couple of nights (and days), I think I see a big bed being fully set up in the near future here!

Wow, a big bed and big-boy underwear in one week! What's next?!

It's true, when they're ready - They Are Ready!

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Brittany said...

It is true! When they are ready...they ARE ready. Adam is the same exact way! It always amazes me... I guess it shouldn't!

Spam. still ew. ;) ha ha.

Megan said...

how exciting for you -- two milestones in one week!

Stacy said...

Wow, that is fantastic...way to go Harrison! Love the shots of him having fun on his brand new big boy bed. :)

Yes, when they are ready they definitely let you know. You can't push them too much because that seems to generally backfire, unfortunately.

carrie said...

That haunted party tent - rocks!

Seriously big week around your house for sure!

Jen Graham said...

What a great week! Such strides Young Master Harrison!

Jaimee said...

ooohh..Congrats on the "big boy bed"!!! I can't wait for my son to get one...oh wait, that will mean he will be able to get out whenever he wants...ok, so he's only 21 months, I guess I better wait a while! :) I'm just dying to decorate a big boy room!

Killlashandra said...

Yeah for the big boy bed! :) It's so much more fun to jump on. And once the jumping starts it's hard to break that habit I've discovered. LOL

Jen said...

I can't wait for the big boy underwear. I am not sure about the bed. I am like Jaimee, then he will be able to get out. Such great photos of him on the bed.

Maggie said...

What a big week at your house - wow!

I love the Barrel of Monkeys shots...I used to LOVE that game!

Christina said...

He's on a roll! So much big, exciting stuff going on around your place.

The tent is awesome!

And I love how light and airy all your pics are.