Thursday, September 4, 2008

School Days, School Days

A couple weeks ago Big Brother started his Senior year in high school. Crazy, where did the time go? Harrison and I accompanied him to his locker one day before the start of classes to drop off some books. Harrison was enthralled with Big Brother's school.

Well, Harrison started preschool today.

Happily, he donned his backpack, telling me that this is how Big Brother wears his backpack to school, too.

The last days of camp were a nightmare, he was screaming on the way to camp (the same place and the same teachers he has for school.) But today - peace. He went happily. He ran into the room and started playing right away. Teachers from other classes came to great him as well. He is loved at his school - since I work there, the teachers have known him since he was 4 months old. I know he is in good hands.

Once he got to school, he had to tell everyone that Big Brother wears a backpack to school also.
"Do you like my cool backpack? [Big Brother] has a backpack. He wears his backpack to school, too!"

Another big event - He has worn big-boy underwear for two days in a row and wore them to school today - without one accident! Woo-Hoo!!

Light at the end of the Potty-training tunnel!


Busymama Kellie said...

Wow, that's a huge age difference between big brother and little brother! That is so cute that Harrison adores his brother!

Blueberry said...

hooray for harrison!!!

Brittany said...

yay! Hope you had fun, Harrison!

carrie said...

More than light at the end of the tunnel...once they realize they are big kids...and no accidents, it is smooth sailing! (Or smooth train tracks ahead?)

I love his backpack and love how confident he looks and excited to be like "big brother."

Way to go, Harrison!

Christina said...

He's all confident big-boy now, huh? And you're proud and wistful, huh?

I know the feeling.