Thursday, September 4, 2008

Favorite Phrase Friday

We were in the car stopped at a stop light the other day when Harrison saw [what I thought was] a movie poster. He points to it and says,
"Mommy look! Her dreaming.
Her dreaming 'bout... her dreaming 'bout..."
"I don't know what her dreaming 'bout."

Last week Harrison started calling me My Darling. He says it in a drawn out sigh - "My Daarrrleeng".

He uses it most often when he is rejecting something like when I asked him if he was ready to get into the car, "No, My Darling...", he replies.

I asked him the other day if he was ready to get out of the shower (at which time he was lying on the shower floor playing in the "rain"). He responds "Not yet, My Mother, My Darling".

If I use My Darling, he corrects me and says, "No. I say My Darling, you don't say My Darling."

Oops, sorry.

But the question that keeps coming up - even when pulling into the driveway after a long day of fun is -

"Are we going to a fun place?"
"Are we going somewhere fun?"
Yes, I mentioned it before, but I've heard it every day, at least twice a day for the last 3 weeks.

So when all else fails - take him to he Fun Factory on the pier - It's like Chuck E. Cheese - without the Chuck E. Cheese. And pizza. And billions of obnoxious kids madly dashing around pumped up on various artificial sweeteners.

Hey Guy-I-dig! Maybe can we go to a fun place next-later and have something hungry! That will be a great idea, I'm 'cited!!



Blueberry said...

my darling?!? adorable!!
and i love that he won't allow you to say it. what a little stinker. :)

and i TOTALLY think that you should get to go to a fun place next-later and have something hungry! you deserve it!!!

Brittany said...

How absolutely adorable. I've decided that Adam and Harrison would be best friends. We are moving to where you live. Don't come here...Ohio is amazingly boring... ;) haha. And then I can do your Beth Moore study, with you, too! hahaha.

Killlashandra said...

I think the My Daarrrleeng is too sweet. It's funny how kids latch on to things like that. W.W. has caught on that Daddy's name is, and yes it really is, Shorty. However when he wants attention he goes around saying Shoooorteee. It's hilarious.

I'm looking forward to Fringe this fall. Unfortunately it's on at my bedtime so I doubt I see any of it. That whole early to bed and early to rise thing really bites me sometimes during the week. ;)

carrie said...

Oh...My Darling! It is too sweet! I will be so very sad when they start saying everything correctly! It is just too much fun to hear what they come up with!