Monday, June 30, 2008

Favorite Phrase Friday - Bits and Pieces Now

I made a list of words late last year. A short list of the sweet words that Harrison started using regularly as he began to carve out his position in language.

I realized some of those sweet little cute-isms have already given way to proper pronunciations. It leaves my proud of his accomplishments and sad that this boy is growing SO FAST.

We were walking to the car from an elevator, Harrison stopped in the threshold of the elevator for a moment. I turned and watched him.
"Will it close, mommy?"

"When you step out it will close."
He waits for a moment and I wonder what he thinks about. Then he runs toward me.
"Thank you elevator!"

Then he adds, "The elevator says, Thank you too, Harrison."
I comment on the nice manners of the elevator...but I also realize that Harrison no longer says "Up-vador"


"Um. Sure."
One day I ask, "Would you like me to carry you downstairs?"

He responds, "Ummm. Sure."

Another day - "Do you want to go to Disneyland?"

"Um. sure, Mommy!"
And he had to think about that?

[Love this one!]

The last few days Harrison has tried out a new phrase which is really his acknowledgment of another time or after.

Big Brother was leaving with his mom the other night and Harrison, after hugs and goodbyes, yelled out,
"But I love you Big Brother! See you next-later!"

We'll watch a movie or show and Harrison will ask for another one, when I tell him that we can watch it at a different time, he responds,
"Maybe we can watch this next-later?"
"Hey! How 'bout we watch this one next-later!"


I have had my parenting challenges over the last month, Harrison has reared his stubborn, defiant side; yet in the same breath he will plead " I NEED you Mommy!"

I often think about that some-day when he will no longer say, "I need you."

It will come far too quickly, I'm sure.

When I think of that I often stop my work, my dishes, my laundry - and take the moment he needs - to hold him and tell him I love him.

It's fleeting. It really is fleeting.


Blueberry said...

next-later! that IS a good one! :)

and yes it is SO fleeting!!!!!

Christina said...

Ah yes, it is so fleeting. but at least N still calls elevators "alligator boxes." There are also "alligator stairs." I hear "ummm, sure!" a lot here too. But "next-later" is so cute, love it!