Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Words, words, words

Although Harrison is quickly moving into 3 & 4 word sentences, we wanted to have a record of the words he started using before they fade out of our short-term memories. Because that happens fast now days!

He’s been a talker since very early; not genius status or anything, just basic (and constant) baby babble. Here is a list of some of our favorites:

Nigh, nigh, nigh, nigh-nigh… – An expression of some thought or comment, which we will never know, used to converse with us.
Nigh, nigh, NIGH? – Question of some sort
Mocomycoco – motorcycle
Bicoco - bicycle
Munder muts – wonder pets
Alboard! – All aboard!
Diet coke – trash truck
Howsh – house
Heelp – help
Upvader – elevator
Booboo – big brother
Peas – please
Na-nu – thank you
I num mu – I love you
Bigybator – refrigerator

And of course, those common phrases all toddlers use:
Oh No!
Looky Dat!
Wass Dat?

It's incredible listening to him develop more complicated sentences and we will share some here as they come. But for now they tend to consist of:

Mommy look, Ocean
Look mommy ocean

Yes, honey I see

Mommy ocean

I see the ocean

Ocean mommy!

I see it Harrison

mommy ocean
mommy ocean!


Ocean mommy!

Yes, we're walking by the ocean

Ocean mommy

Big blue ocean

mommy ocean
ocean mommy!

I see, honey

mommy ocean!

Ocean, Harrison


Yes, Harrison?

mommy ocean
Ocean mommy

Yes, the ocean

ocean mommy

I see the ocean

ocean mommy

Yes, the ocean

ocean mommy

Okay, honey, the ocean, lets move on...


Mommy I see sailboat
Sailboat mommy!


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