Friday, September 12, 2008

Camera Love Runs in the Family

Today is a Little Perspective Day at Mother May I!

A perfect occasion to post images taken by Harrison from his point of view. He loves getting the camera out and taking pictures then looking at them. But the camera memory card has been full so this was a perfect reason to download those pictures and had the camera over to him for more picture fun!

Looking at his pictures, I realize that Harrison has modeled some of my behavior. Get a close perspective of things. I think he'll be wishing for a macro lens soon, too! Can you guess what this is sitting in his lap?

It a foot pump for the exercise ball. He loves this thing, it's one of his favorite toys.

And this? Um, what does this kid love more than anything in the world?

It's the top view of his Star Wars rocket. What I love about Harrison is that he actually announces what he is going to take a picture of, or who.

It gives you time to smile or maybe fix your hair. [Oh, wait, he doesn't have any hair. Well there you go then, he's always ready!]

And after watching me stand on chairs to get right over things or lay down on the ground to take pictures, Harrison jumps right in and doesn the same thing!

I guess the Star Wars rocket needed to be in this shot too. Maybe he was doing a photoshot with it...

I promise to get him out of the house for some nature shots (as long as he doesn't drop the camera in any water.) In the mean time head over to Tracey's to see more from a Little Perspective!


tracey clark said...

these are great. love the star wars stuff. giggle. oh, and i love the button you made too. so cute!
thanks for playing.

Blueberry said...

wait... you mean the star wars rocket isn't in ALL the pictures! ;)

Brittany said...

Great work, Harrison!

Christina said...

Hehe, how fun to see him modeling you! you're training him well. ;o)