Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sometimes He Stops...

Running Around - That is.

This is a shot straight out of the camera from a couple weeks ago when we drug the mattress into Harrison's room. We have since set up the entire bed and it has a become a quiet haven to relax and rest - if only for a moment.

Because of the way his room is laid out, we can't put the bed up against any wall. So we lose play area space and up the chances of falling out by 50%; but he likes sitting on his bed to play.

He did fall out one night last week - onto a pile of cardboard nesting blocks. It rudely disrupted his sleep, but a few minutes of rocking and comforting had him quickly back to sleep.

Even Bucky-bear likes the new bed!

Now if I can only get that blue floral wallpaper off the walls!!

Melody over at Slurping Life started SOOC Saturday, (Straight Out Of Camrea) Head over there for more SOOC shots!


carrie said...

Oh I could live with the wallpaper if I had a diving WINDOWSEAT like that! :-)

And I love Bucky-bear, too!

melody is slurping life said...

I adore that first shot of him...very focused. Sweet.

If you had not mentioned, it I would have never noticed any floral on that wallpaper. Love his new bed!

Yay! You played!

Christina said...

Ditto what Carrie said! Loving the window seat. His bug boy room looks great!