Monday, December 31, 2007

BSM - "Presents!" - Christmas 2007

Since we left to go out of town on Christmas morning, we put off opening gifts until we returned; so yesterday morning when we woke up I said to Harrison, "Merry Christmas!"

"Let's go downstairs, Mommy!"

"And what's downstairs?" I asked.


Yup, even Harrison knew it was finally time to open those gifts under the tree.
And since we couldn't find his bathrobe, Harrison chose to wear his "super cape" to do some super gift opening!

So today's best shot is Harrison, albeit jet-lagged, enjoying his favorite gift from Santa. The Pat-Pat Rocket from Little Einstein.

And don't forget to visit Mother May I for more best shots!


Blessed Nest said...

so much fun! I love his expressions! The second shot is great!
Happy New Year

Arizaphale said...

His cape is a hoot! Looks like he's really enjoying his new rocket/plane/thing... :-)

Angie said...

I'm singing...We're going on a trip in our little rocket ship! Adorable! Happy New Year & nice to meet you!

Melody A. said...

And I like the cape. We got V a cape for Christmas this year.

How was the trip? Hope you bought a new camera down here so that could get some pictures.

Blueberry and the Bean said...

oh, he looks so happy! great pictures!!
"...and rah rah rah for rocket..."

Maggie said...

He's getting so grown up! But a great shot - he looks like he is definitely getting the most out of Christmas!

Maya said...

I love that picture with his arms up! Kids have the best expressions!

tracey said...

Ooooo, Rocket looks like tons of fun! Great shot, I love it!

Mandaroo said...

Oh, that looks like such a fun airplane! And of course, gotta love the cape! Harrison is just the cutest boy. And, I wanted to thank you for your very nice comment on Violet's photo. That is so nice of you and means a lot to me!
I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!!!

Brittany said...

Aw!! the pat-pat rocket. I was a mean mommy and wouldn't spend the money on that this year. sigh.

Christina said...

First - Welcome home!

Second - I love the Super Cape!!! Harrison is too cute.