Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Saturday and I Ain't Got No Blog Done

I've got some money 'cause I just got paid

Now, I wish I had some time to blog on...

I'm in an awful way!

We started (I started) to decorate for Christmas last two weeks ago and there are still Christmas boxes lying around. Not to mention laundry and dishes and sick family members and, wait what am I don't here, then?

Well, it hasn't been all work and no play! Last Sunday as I'm making dinner I hear police sirens. Normally that means little to me since we live a block from a police station; but this night means that Santa is coming through town a-la police and fire department! I wasn't ready for Santa so I scoop up Harrison, his shoes, his sweater and run out the door and down the street to catch Santa! Of course I get there to find I have plenty of time. Once we get to Santa, Harrison is all about having NOTHING to do with this moment. Until he got a lollipop. Then as we casually walk away Harrison says, "Maybe Santa wants come home and play games..."

This is the second year in a row we have scooped up Harrison and run after Santa. Last year the GID heard the fire truck sirens and yelled, "SANTA!" I think he was more excited at the time. Plus, last year Harrison was only 20 months and it was dark out, but the GID grabbed him and went sprinting down the street yelling, "Wait! Santa! Wait!" Well they stopped for us - where they usually stop. Who knew we didn't have to panic. Also the GID got up with Harrison to meet Santa; but I didn't have shoes on, let alone a camera at the time! Frankly, I think Harry was so stunned by the initial event of getting out the door, that he didn't have time to react to Santa.

The best picture:

In Harrison's words, "Ho Ho Ho, I'm Santa, Merry Christmas!"

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Christina said...

"ho ho ho, I'm Santa!" I love it! He's the cutest Santa I've ever seen. Glad you caught Santa after all!