Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let's Watch Star Whores Daddy!

Nope, it's not X-rated!

A few weeks ago the GID decided to sit down and relax in front of the TV, he was channel surfing for that perfect show to set the mood. Couch-potato ism was the ultimate goal for a couple hours at least.

Harrison was playing with a learning toy and turned to tell me something about a card with a rocket on it when he stopped mid-word.

His eyes were transfixed on the television.
There were the Storm Troopers in all their laser-shooting glory. He slowly spoke but one word in utter amazement:

"Row - Botts"

Then if that wasn't enough for him to take in...

"Go - l - den - Roe - Bot."

Yes, he discovered the world of Star Wars, I'm not sure if we cracked up more due to his surprising use of the word "golden" or just that he became so totally hypnotized by the sight of those Storm Troopers. I swear his jaw dropped before he spoke!

Needless to say, games were over, he crawled up on the sofa to watch with Daddy. His take, "DarMader is mean, he's sad. But then he feels better and is nice.

He asked to watch "Star Whores" a couple of times since; the GID, master of which one is OK to watch, sometimes pulls out the DVDs when they have "guy-time".

Me? What can I say, I'm a mom, I don't want him to watch too many light-saber scenes and act it out at inappropriate times.

But the fact remains.

I have a boy.


Christina said...

Haha, that's hysterical! His use of the word "golden" really gets me. Yep, he's all boy. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Could this possibly be the cutest, smartest, kid on the planet??? The votes are in........yup! Love aunty Chris