Monday, February 11, 2008

BSM - Harrison's Point of View

Quite frankly, MY best shot would be of Harrison on Saturday's post, but *as much as I wish the case were true sometimes* it's NOT always about ME.

On Saturday, as Harrison got ready for nap, he told daddy (whom Harrison had appointed nap duty to that day.) about how he took some pictures -
of his Mac&Cheese (and best shot this Monday):

I am quite impressed with this shot, I lighted it up around the edges a bit, but that's really it. He stood up on his chair and took the picture. Not too bad for an almost 3-year-old.
I wonder if Jen over at Simply Breakfast needs a protégé?
Maybe Harrison can start a blog called "Simply Toddler Lunch"? Ya think?

of his Mommy:

Okay, so in my vanity I converted this Horrible picture of me well composed picture to black and white so as to somewhat mask my pastey, not-feeling-so-well, didn't-get-much-sleep look.

of his Mommy's knee:

I didn't touch this picture at all!

Oh and a picture of the TV, but if you've seen one TV, you've seen them all. Don't you think? Seriousy, I think I need to start shooting with my old p&s again, no blurry shots at all! That's with a 2-year-old holding it, too! He's a better photographer then I am!!

I missed my "wake up call" this morning but Tracey had a nice one! I'm sure you've already seen all the best shots at Mother May I today, so I'll head over to see what y'all came up with! Happy Monday Evening!


Maggie said...

WOW -- Harrison has been taking photography lessons from his mommy - and doing a great job!

I love the picture of you -- so pretty!

Brittany said...

Harrison did a wonderful job!!!! They weren't blurry and are really good. He's a natural photographer!

Phyllis Sommer said...

those are pretty darn good! what is it about kids wanting to take pictures of the tv? that's all mine ever seem to take....

chaoticfamily said...

They are all fabulous. What a good lil photographer!

Arizaphale said...

Those are really cool! I know that 'not enough sleep' look TOO well myself :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the knee photo.


If you are interested in a photo challenge, please join me at

Blueberry said...

harrison is doing a great job with the camera!!
i've been letting bean use my old digital camera lately and sometimes the pictures she takes are pretty cool. other times.... well, you know! ha ha!

Maya said...

Your not-feeling-so-well photo is very pretty! And yum to mac n cheese!

Christina said...

Dang! That kid's a natural. I am quite impressed, Harrison! I'll be watching for the launch of "Simply Toddler Lunch." :o)