Saturday, February 2, 2008

What are You Looking Forward to in 2008?

I just wanted to let you in on a couple (albeit, silly) events that WE are excited about!

First and foremost, if you live in Southern California you have heard of (or maybe even been to) Six Flags Magic Mountain. Just over a year ago the new owners of the Six Flags Corporation made a decision to sell 8 of it's theme parks - as a package or individually - preferably to another theme park company; Magic Mountain (One of Six Flags 4 top $$ grossing parks) was included in that list. Why? Let's face it, it had become a teen riff-raff hot spot due to low-cost season passes and lots of thrills. Not so much family-friendly any more. Heck, a remodeled Bugs Bunny World had it's big Grand Opening in 1997 and today it looks like it's 30 years
old. Not to mention that the land it sits on is worth - well, a LOT of money. Here in Los Angeles once the media and Real Estate developers got wind of the potential sale (and hints of closure) everyone went wild.
For a year it was like wolves on a kill.
Dogs and Cats living together.
Mass Chaos.

But the bottom line is that it didn't sell.
Only that doesn't make for interesting news.

It didn't close.
Although people STILL say to me, "I thought it closed."

It is, AND has been open.

And for a mother of a toddler boy, it's getting better in 2008!

Why do you ask?

Not only is Six Flags eventually bringing The Wiggles to it's flagship theme park; but this spring Thomas the Tank Engine will become a PERMANENT ATTRACTION AT MAGIC MOUNTAIN!

And if you don't believe me, check it out for yourself right here!

I can't tell you how excited we are and if your scratching your head because you only know me through this blog. Well, this morning as the GID was getting ready to leave for work, Harrison asked, "Can I go to work with you daddy?"

Harrison has been to Disneyland countless times; but he's never gone to "work" with daddy (well since his birth anyway), I think that's all about to change in 2008!


As for the other exciting news for us, we ran across this little trailer on the internet this morning, purely by accident. Disney/Pixar's latest creative venture.

Introducing WALL E

Now we are probably the last to find out since we never go to movies in the theater, but now we have begun a WALL E count down to June 2008.

Harrison watched these videos over and over this morning. One time I walked out of the room to get something and I hear it start again; when I come in, Harrison proudly exclaims, "I DID IT! ON MY OWN!

And that, my friends, is another favorite phrase of Harrison's lately.

On. My. Own!

Before we know it, he'll be going to Magic Mountain on his own...EEEK!


Blueberry said...

oh man, harrison will think he died and went to heaven if you take him to see thomas at magic mountain!!! :)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh my, Thomas certainly is toddler crack! What fun! Then again, I'd be thrilled just to be in California weather! :)

mandaroo63 said...

We haven't been back to MM since Dan & I were first dating (many yrs ago!) for exactly the reasons you stated. So, that would be really great if they made it more family friendly. Looks like a cute movie. I love Pixar!

Arizaphale said...

MM on his own? Nah, you've got years yet! Thomas is a surefire fave isn't he? In the UK the Watercress steam train line near us had a yearly Thomas day where the trains wore faces. The kids at 2 LOVED it.
Does the GID work in the theme park?

Unknown said...

what does GID do??
we are counting down to Wall-E, too! although my girls are movie junkies...kinda like j. and i.

if you guys like it enough and want to see it a second time...maybe we can meet up and go for a matinee? we are definitely planning to go to the beach as soon as em is out of school - you guys up for it?