Friday, January 18, 2008

Fav Phrase Friday - It's Okay Mommy...

Parenting is not always easy. Period.

Lately when I put my head in my hands for any reason, be it frustration in the moment or a juicy headache that has stuck around for 3 days, Harrison will come up to me and rest his hand on my back and gently say, "It's okay, mommy; it's okay."

Last week we went up to brush teeth, potty and do our bedtime routine. Everything was going as planned when Harrison suddenly had had enough with his "listening ears" for one night. He no longer wanted to finish brushing his teeth or sit on the potty, or do anything I asked for that matter; and I didn't want to get in a mental tug-of-war with my two-year-old, yet again.

Once more, I was done.

Harrison wasn't listening and I couldn't take it. After a moment of almost loss of control, I turned and lay my head in my arms on the sink. I said nothing.


Then Harrison came up, rubbed my back and in that gentle voice said, "It's okay mommy. It's okay."

I didn't move. I didn't respond. I WAS asking for strength and grace in my shortcomings.

Then Harrison said again, "It's okay mommy."

I looked at him and smiled.

"I get daddy, now. I go get daddy to help, it's okay. You be OK."

"I'm okay, now honey." I responded.

He told me to wait and went out the door and called down the stairs, "Daddy, come here, daddy! Mommy's sad. Mommy's sad, daddy! Come. Up. Stairs. Daddy!"

All my frustration had melted away in that first moment when Harrison reached out to soothe me. When his two-year-old wisdom and compassion kicked-in.
I called him back into the bathroom and gave him a hug and told him that it is okay now, mommy is fine; and why mommy got upset in the first place and that I love him.

The GID came upstairs and took over for me. I got to have a break.

Later the GID came down and said that I was wanted upstairs. I went to say goodnight to my son; my gift from heaven. We talked for a moment, hugged and kissed each other, then he went to sleep.

It's okay now.


Christina said...

Motherhood truly is a hard job - you know I'm feeling that lately! But the sweet moments like this make it SO totally worth it and more. His tenderness and compassion melts me, so I can only imagine what it does to you. What a sweetie!

Blueberry and the Bean said...

that is so sweet!

Mandaroo said...

that was so sweet, it made me tear up....what a sweetie you have!