Monday, June 13, 2011

Did You Know Week | Turning Six

It's crazy to think that the boy is six already. And amazing how fast his kindergarten year went. As it is, we only have seven days of school left this year. (insert spinning head here). 
{Hopefully} Over the next week as we are swirled about in our end-of-school-year, kindergarten graduation activities, I will have a few “did you know” posts catching up on the first half of 2011. (yikes)

Before my previous desktop computer died, I had started a post about Harrison turning six.
I’m sure it was filled with my usual sappiness that accompanies each of the birthdays in his short life thus far.  Alas, that post got lost in the chaotic shuffle of life these last few months. So I will forego the sap and get right to the story… in pictures.

Backing up, I wanted to give Harrison his first real birthday party on his fifth birthday; but that became impossible with the upheaval in our lives last year.  This year I was set to make it happen and Harrison was SET on having it at…


Fortunately for us adults, Chuck E. Cheese wasn’t so bad on a Friday night.
chuck e cheese-11chuck e cheeseChuck e cheese web 4chuck e cheese-web 2chuck e cheese-web1Of course, fitting 20+ kids into the frame of a 50mm lens,while trying to crop out other camera-wielding adults was next to impossible. I threw in the towel. (hey you parents, send me some of your good group shots!)

Then I found out that six years old is NOT too old to go to Build-a-Bear with a gift certificate for a free animal. Meet, Hootie – born March 12 and joins Bucky and Fuzzy Bear (a white bear with a golden cross on her foot, born March 4, 2010 – apparently, Bucky needed a girlfriend. Although her gender changes occasionally…). 20110324-IMG_2692

Finally, to finish off Harrison’s birthday festivities, Aunt C sent him a Star Wars Captain Rex Helmet – oh yeah – that rocks!20110315-IMG_2098-web

Thank you once again to EVERYONE who helped make Harrison’s sixth birthday extra special! We are so thankful for all of you.


penandview said...

my daughter would kill for this birthday party. We've never thrown this kind of party either bc of the "upheaval" in our lives as well. Glad he got the chance to experience all this fun! (not that the other parties aren't fun, but you know what I mean.)

And, YES, please do come for pizza! How long would the drive be???

4 Lettre Words said...

My boys LOVE that mouse. Such a fun celebration for your little man!

Buckeroomama said...

Happy birthday to your son!

Oh, that Star Wars helmet is so cool! My 6yo is very much into Star Wars right now and he's been asking for a Light Sabre.

Rose said...

Tracey, it went really smoothly, he even wanted to open the gifts at the party (the norm down here seems to be - have a big party with lots of gifts then take said gifts home to open later) Chaos ensued during gift-opening; but he was thrilled. let's see, a drive to San Fran is 6-7 hours, so...

Dina, we're going back on a weekday to visit the mouse again - when it's NOT crazy! H. loves that silly mouse. too!

Buckeroomama, isn't that helmet great? H received it from his Aunt. It will be making another appearance on the blog soon - probably for Wordless Wednesday!
BTW, I accidentally clicked on the spell check while my mouse hovered over your username and it changed to "Burgomaster", too funny!