Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our Newest Family Member...

When we were at Disneyland a week before his birthday, Harrison noticed Build-a-Bear boxes being carried about in little hands for the first time.
"Mommy!... I want a house, mommy!"
"That's from Build-a-bear." I tell him.

"I want to go to build-a-bear house! Pleeease Mommy!"

"Well, honey, maybe we can stop by when we come back for your birthday but not today."
We go into the park and he soon forgets about it. For a few days.

The following Thursday, as we drove home from our Mops group Harrison announces,
"I want to go to Build-a-bear house, Mommy."
After a short dialog pursued I realized I had run out of reasons not to go to the local Build-a-bear.

I discovered that asking my 3-year-old to pick one animal to stuff is more painful than 3 root-canals! In fact, we left the store, visited other stores, run around a bit and came back.

At the suggestion we go home and come back a different day, Harrison was ready to pick.

He looked at many of the animals and would say, "that one!", then I would pull it out of the bin and he would say, "yuck! it's broken!" and throw it back in and we would start all over again.

I had to convince him that there was more to the build-a-bear part of getting a "house". That it started with an empty bear, that HE actually was going to help fill it and clean it and name it. With all that in mind, he became more willing to accept the limp clump of fabric-bear-fur.

Stepping on the pedals to get fluff and air were highlights , but the best part was naming the bear on the computer.

I asked him "what do you want to name him?"





"Bucky it is, then."
Meet Bucky. I have been informed that he likes to sleep in his build-a-bear-house.

Bucky in his bear-house


Head Gaggler said...

Aww, how cute! Its so funny what kids get attached to. Mine love build a bear too but mostly cause they like the stuffing. :)

Brittany said...

Aw Bucky is very lucky (tee hee) to have Harrison!! :)

Blueberry said...

that is a very handsome bear you got! :)

Kim said...

Hehehe. Bucky is a very cute bear, and I'm glad he has his own house! :-)

Stacy said...

Oh, very cute! Looks like he got a nice house to live in, too. ;) Kai had a similarly hard time choosing when I took him for his 3rd birthday. Such hard decisions for a three year old!

Elaine A. said...

Welcome to the family Bucky! Don't be offended if your new buddy plays with your house more than you! LOL!

Christina said...

Build-a-Bears make great pals - just ask Nadia, that's where TedBear is from! Too funny that he was more interested in the house than anything else. And funny that he thouht they were all "broken!" Bucky is quite the handsome bear, I'm sure his Daddy is proud. :o)

Andi said...

This is the CUTEST story! I love the idea that he wanted to go because of the box. That is actually why I first noticed this store too. We were on vacation one summer in Myrtle Beach, and ALL of these people were carrying around these great house boxes. My mother, who is NEVER too shy to ask, asked someone where they were from, and the lady showed her the bear. Mind you NONE of us were preschoolers or toddlers, the youngest of us was the daughter and she was 14 at the time, but we ALL went and made animals! I made a cat, of course. I think that is just TOO funny that H thought the animals were broken at the beginning. Oh what a funny life you live :) What a GREAT bear he created- Happy to meet you, Bucky!

carrie said...

Awww...welcome, Bucky - that is a great house you have there!

chaoticfamily said...

We have a few build a bears living here!!! Bucky is very cute.