Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Happy St. Patty's Day it Was!

So I lied. I did drink on St. Patrick's Day. I had a Black & Tan and a green beer. Yippee! Our friend called us and asked us if we wanted to join some friends at an Irish pub and offered that we could all keep an eye on Harrison together. We accepted and walked down to the pier for a light dinner and beer. Well, we've found out that Harrison is not only a partier at the ripe age of 3, but also a ladies man! Shortly after we got there he found a very sweet (and cute) little 6 year old to play with. They talked, and danced and walked around the place until it was time to go home. At one point he came over to get his drink cup of water and go sit in the booth his friend and her sister. (And their dad.) Ken proudly exclaimed, "That's my boy!"

Harrison and his new friend, Samantha, played, collected beads and danced, and danced, and danced!! I am happy to announce that he has an affinity for
My Sharona! and other great 80's tune! That's my Boy!

If only I had my camera.

At another point they were walking around our table arm in arm when Harrison threw us a look with a mischievous grin, as if saying
"Check me out with the older babe..." He all but did that aside-nod thing with his head - Check it out, check it out, eh?

All the waitresses thought he was cute and would give him (mostly beer) beads. Then he would turn and give them to Samantha. True love. But there was some mama-love - I got this one strand of beads.

Harrison talked about "Amanta" our entire walk home. Then he went into the house, drank some milk and promptly went to bed -

That's one way to get a Toddler to sleep.


Blueberry said...

awwww, young love! he he he!!! sounds like he had a wonderful time!

Stacy said...

That sounds like a great time! Harrison sure is a ladies man LOL!

Christina said...

Boy oh boy, he's starting young - you'll have your hands full in another 10 years! LOL! That is TOO CUTE!

Andi said...

Ok, this is exactly what the daughter said when she first saw photos of H. I showed her that one of him in the cool band t-shirt. (She LOVES The Who, so I thought she would appreciate a toddler wearing it!) She said, "he is so cute...he is going to be a ladies man when he gets older!" I know she didn't realize it would happen so soon, but he IS technically older- 3! LOL...oh, you tell the cuteset and funniest stories. :) Glad you ALL had a great St. Patty's day!