Monday, July 5, 2010

Best Size for New Adventures

I admit, sometiimes I miss this size (but not necessarily that sleep deprecation that accompanied it). 

But, oh, look at what this size can do! 



he went from this (into the wading area)...

To this...
 To finally this!

Each time he tired something new down the water slide, he squealed with delight. He got a couple bumps and adjusted, he came out of his tube one time and landed in the water only holding on to it - but again, he didn't panic. And after of five hours of swimming in the deep end, he went off to swimming lessons this morning with a new found confidence in the water.
So why wasn't I nervous about Harrison's new adventure in the water.

Because I was happily standing near this guy most of the time!

This summer is about BIG {boy} steps. About trying out new things, going places with new people and making what was once impossible (due to mere size) - possible! So I was delighted when Tracey quoted one of my favorite stories, "Alice in Wonderland", today. It is perfect right now.

Visit Tracey's beautiful post today and see more Best Shots.


Happy Monday!


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Kelly Warren said...

great shots! love the first one especially. i misst that age too, but it is nice when they can finally take a jump in the deep end!