Monday, April 12, 2010

Best Shot Monday - Play Date

It seems like a normal play date, playing with the mailbox delivery again, rolling around the floor in tickle fights; but it's different... he's older and he gets to play Big Brother's old video games.

So now when we play, he's BomberMan, or Mario, or Glover and I get to be a "Boss" (a.k.a. the bad guy). Today he was Bomberman and I was a tickle boss (as well as the mailman) but I got to deliver mail the Bomberman's planet. At least I got to ride in a rocket ship up to the stars to help save the planet.

A nice change from always being the "bad guy".

The camera came out because:

Harrison would like to share with you -- his shoe.
The bottom of his shoe to be exact,
On his foot upside down.
I'm not sure why anymore.
I'm pretty sure he told me the reason.
Something about BomberMan.

My best shot today... my worst shot. Totally blown out, but it leaves me with his eyes and a hint of his profile...I love this shot (another one of those happy accidents).

Happy Monday!

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Megan said...

love happy accidents. that's such an ethereal shot!

Red Velvet Confections said...

Some of the greatest things happen by accident. Great shot!

Christina said...

Kids are so wonderfully weird, aren't they?!

Cara said...

I love that shot too, I like that some of the detail is gone but that really draws you to what is there.