Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Out of the Nest

We took Big Brother up to college and moved him into his dorm; he's rooming with a friend from high school. The dorm is brand spanking new and is still has last minute touches being completed; there's even a pool right outside their second floor window!

Seriously, I didn't have a pool at my college campus dorm!

They also have high speed internet access in all the rooms, card-key access to the dorm building, their rooms and even their bathrooms (one bathroom per every two rooms), and a really nice common area with pool tables, flat screen televisions and more. Pretty nice set up. Not like when I went to college.


Harrison started making "notes" for his "dorm"  in his little notebook for when "he moves to the dorm".  He talked dorm talk all day. Luckily, he is taking Big Brother going off to college in stride; although today he asked when big Brother woud be coming home, "is he coming in a while?"

This is Big Brother's RA, he seems hip enough (isn't that such a nerdy parent comment?) Actually for a short time Harrison stole the show. Big Brother's RA was sitting in the lobby for Freshman check-in with two female RAs - and we walked up - two freshman, three sets of parents and one four-year-old. The girls? "Oh LOOK, your little brother! He's so cute!!" then Harrison went to work pouring out his charm. No joke. At the end of the day as we walked back up to the dorm to drop off a couple more things one of the girls was standing near by and called, "Harrison's back!"

Big Brother receives some last minute advice at the school-sponsored family picnic.

The boys together.

It's kind of weird here; knowing that he's not going to be walking in at any moment.

But we have no doubt he's going to have great fun.

He hasn't called yet...


HipMomma said...

You didn't mention washing machines. Cuz if they have those you really might not see him home for awhile. Cool though. I stayed home for college and always regretted it. I never felt like I got the full college experience.

Unknown said...

That is a serious dorm - so unlike all of the dorms I lived in! How are you all adjusting? Have you talked with him yet?

chaoticfamily said...

WOW, what a big moment. Congrats to you all.