Monday, June 29, 2009


I watched him play and swim and bounce at a party this weekend and I saw it - the "boy" in him.

He is wise, and funny, and bright, and sensitive and ready to play Knights-in-Shining Armour or another rite of passage boyhood game in a heartbeat.

[And sometimes he's just plain fearless.]

He is all boy now.
No more Baby, no more Toddler.

My Boy.

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Miss Red said...

here from SS - i love your blog! great photos of your son.

Anonymous said...

A moment to definitely cherish! You have some wonderful pictures here on your blog. I am in SoCal too.

Wishing you a scent-sational day my fellow Shutter Sister.

Amy Jo said...

Isn't it bittersweet? My son is about the same age and I'm struggling with the 'loss' of my baby, too. Thank god I'm going to have another soon! Very fun pics.

Joanna said...

Totally Bittersweet! But it is so wonderful to see them coming into thier own. Fun shots.

Unknown said...

It's kind of surreal when you see that change right before your eyes, isn't it?

That pool looks nice and cool! : )

natalie said...

Doesn't that make you want to hide your head in your hands and sob for a few minutes? I catch glimpses of the little girl in M. More and more lately. And truthfully, it scares the mess out of me. Some part of me thought she'd still be a baby a little longer. Part of me hoped it would be a lot longer.