Monday, April 6, 2009

An Authentic [Best] Shot

Last week we visited Disneyland - again, I know. But this year is exciting because I have a four-year-old, that's tall enough to ride any ride, with a inherent love for roller coasters already bursting forth. 

So when we walked up to Big Thunder Mountain, Harrison was all about getting on it - no looking back. After all, it's a train ride and a roller coaster all in one! How can you possibly go wrong with that!

What did he think after the ride?
His face says it all.

And what did he have to say...

"That's fun! Let's do it again, mommy! I want to ride it again!"

I wasn't so ready to ride it again - that motion sickness always getting in the way of my fun.

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Blueberry said...

i think he enjoyed that ride! :)

the motion sickness always gets me too. sigh.

Cara said...

I love his face, he looks like he had a blast.
I can't wait to take Francesco to Disney, we plan on going next year, he will either be almost four or four by the time we go.

Julie said...

Oh, how fun! His face does say it all. =)

tracey clark said...

having a dland pass is pretty much to greatest thing ever. : ) such a fun pic for bsm.