Monday, May 19, 2008

Best Shot Monday - Getting Wet

On Sunday after church I asked:
"Harrison do you want to help mommy wash the car?"

"Yes Mommy!"

"Okay, let's change into different clothes in case we get wet."

"OK mom."
"Oh no, mommy I'm wet!"

"It's okay, you can get a little wet."
5 minutes later...
"Agh! Mommy, I'm wet!!"

"Harrison, that's why we changed clothes, remember? Mommy said if you get a little wet it's okay."

"Oh. Yah!"
Bubbles kept sticking to his face as he washed the car. Then he discovered the fun of throwing the sponge back into the bucket.

After washing the car the driveway needs a good scrub down.

And he had to give the car a good go-round several more times before he finished.

This is my best shot today- I love the reflection.

So much joy from washing a car.

More splashing and dancing! Then we are all done!

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Brittany said...

FUN photos!!!!! :)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

What a cutie! Those shots WERE perfect, I LOVE that contagious smile of his.

Anonymous said...

So did the car get cleaned? ;-) He looks like he was having too much fun. Cool reflection shot, I agree.

Maggie said...

I couldn't pick a favorite - every time I looked at the next shot I thought "no that one is my favorite!". What great shots you got -- who knew that washing the car could be such fun!

Jen said...

We washed cars this weekend too, but we did not have this much fun. He is such a cutie. You got some great shots.

Kara said...

You caught some great moments - I totally love his long hair!

Christina said...

Don't you love it how kids make us rediscover the joy of those mundane jobs?! These are all so much fun, and captured so well. I love it that he had to scrib the driveway, too - such a kid! You know, my car needs a wash right now - maybe we'll do that tomorrow!

Andi said...

Harrison has such JOY on his very expressive! What fun. I love ALL of the shots. Looks like treasured moments from such a simple activity.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh - how great are those? Who had more fun - you or Harrison? :-)

Jaimee said...

Those are soooooo cute! Looks like Harrison had an absolute blast! Great pictures!

Unknown said...

ALL of these pictures are great! I love that second to last one - look how happy he is!!

Bunny said...

Oh goodness, he looks like he is having such fun!

Maya said...

I LOVE these!!!! This looks like so much fun!

Stacy said...

Oh, so much joy! Wonderfully fun photos of Harrison. Great childhood moments. :)