Friday, March 7, 2008

In Smoodie Heaven

The other day I found a verbal exchange between Harrison and I from a few months back that I had quickly scribbled down on the back of an envelope. Thank goodness I sometimes actually display the common sense NOT to trust my memory and record those fleeting moments any way possible.

Reading the words took me back to that moment. I was sitting at out dining room table doing some work while Harrison was playing with his cars next to me, suddenly he climbs over onto my chair, peeks around from behind me and says,
Mommy I proud of you.

You're proud of me? I asked surprised by this statement.

Yes, you made me a smoodie.
I love you.

I wanna kiss you.

I wanna hug you.
Hearing those words so freely offered without being prompted left me in Heaven.

In fact, I think I'll go make him another Smoothie right now!

And if you would like to be in Smoodie heaven, here is a quick recipe that we use all the time; Harrison loves helping:

1 banana
5-6 frozen strawberries (or fresh when in season.)
1 cup of orange juice (fresh squeezed when we get them from the Farmer's Market)
1 Tbsp Flaxseed meal - (this is a great source of fiber, lignans and omega-3 fats)
Throw into blender and turn on.

Obviously, if you are using fresh fruit, a few ice cubes can be thrown in. Also, when we are not using orange juice, we used non-fat plain yogurt. Basically, we vary it quite a bit depending on what fresh or frozen fruit is in the house and what we are in the mood for.


Brittany said...

Mmm I wanna a smoodie now!

Unknown said...

*sigh* it is those words that propel us onward.

Christina said...

"I wanna kiss you.
I wanna hug you."

Awww! That kills me with it's sweetness!!!
We love smoodies too. Except around here they're known as WOWs! And that's the exact same recipe we use, with the yogurt. :o)