Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I LOVE Flowers!!

And my friend, Natalie, has sent me flowers! How sweet is that?

Although I'm starting to think her her sweet little daughter, M., actually sent them to Harrison!

Natalie, and Colleen before her, summed it up well in their posts about relationships made in the blogging world. I have met and made "friends" that I never expected to make when I set up this online journal of Harrison's life back in August for his family to view. Not only that, but it has jump-started my person "creative" journey once again. Even the GID is impressed with what has blossomed out of this venture. Maybe 2008 will bring even more stretched wings for me.

I'll let you know.

In the mean time, I can only say thank you to to a handful of you who have blessed and inspired me (and Harrison) in the last few months with your comments, kind words, experience and advice. I know you may have received flowers already, but you know us women, we can never get enough flowers! It's all about the love!

Lola - for inspiring me to begin with - and mamas, keep her in your prayers, she's having her first little peanut in a few short months!
Tracy for inspiring all of us connected to her through the blog community.
Stacy - for taking on Theme Thursday and being an over-all talented, cool creative person
Christina - We're so often on the same page!
Brittany - I now how it is to be surrounded by boys!
Mandy - a little change from reverse 911 calls! Keep up the quick healing!
Erinne - she is just a doll
Melody A. - Well, she's so hip of course!
Bradley and the Beautiful Wife for my first blogger award - as I still am new at this, really...

Accept them, enjoy them, pay them forward if you wish!

Love from Harry and the Mom!


Anonymous said...

Aw, gee. Thanks. I'm blushing.

Stacy said...

Thank you so much! You are too sweet. :-)

Brittany said...

Thank you!! :)

tracey clark said...

Goodness! What a way to start the day!! Thank you so much. Soooooo thoughtful of you.

mandaroo63 said...

Thankyou, they're beautiful! And they smell so lovely too! ; )

chaoticfamily said...

Thank-you that's so nice - I too am amazed at the friends I have made in such a short time - and even though we are all over the map we all have so many things in common.

Colleen @AMadisonMom said...

I love how everyone just has the same feelings about their online friendships.

Lola said...

Oh, Rosey! You brightened my day. Love you, my friend.

Christina said...

Yay for flowers, and a BIG yay for online pals! thank you so much. :o)

The Egel Nest said...

Thank you for the flowers!

I am just getting back around now!

See ya soon!

The Egel Nest