Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Must Love Legos

There must have been a note accompanying him when he was born inscribed with “must love Legos” but I missed it.

legos collage 1

Maybe the love of Legos is just embedded in the male DNA like leaving the toilet seat up, hogging the TV remote or watching Star Wars over and over again.

lego diptych

All I  know is that he discovered them at age three and it has been an unceasing love affair ever since.
lego love

BUT…as much as he loves them [and I get lost for hours building the sets - only to have them torn back down, brick by brick], they are also the bane of my existence.

lego diptychlego storage

Organizing them in the old house was bad enough, but the new smaller space? UGH!

I swear they multiply at night and strategically place themselves about the house so that we step on them in the morning, cursing the people who created them. Every. Single. Person.

Everything I tried to organize them so far has failed, deep bins mean a dump onto the floor is eminent on any given day. [even I had to dump Legos out to find small pieces for sets I was reconstructing] I knew I needed clear, shallow boxes that were easy to manage and would fit in Harrison’s existing closet shelves. So after AH-LOT of internet searching in vain;  I finally stumbled upon the perfect container – ON SALE for 40% off! Joanne’s Fabrics carries Protect N Store boxes,  normally used by scrapbookers and crafters but they are perfect. Oh the beauty of organization!

lego storage

They even have inserts that fit inside the box for further organization, perfect for the 60+ mini-figs floating around the house.
lego storage
lego storage

We have since filled up three (Ikea Expedit) cubbies below, 
lego storage
five containers deep.
That’s a lot of Legos.lego storage

I’m thinking I LOVE Legos.


Mandy said...

Olivia must have that same Lego DNA Harrison has!!! Just this weekend, I went through and (tried) to organize them, for the millionth time. I love your ideas and will look for those boxes, they look great! Olivia has a friend over last night, and they've spend the entire time playing with Legos!!! There's some fun videos on Youtube that show you how to make different things: soda dispenser, bed, armchair, etc....really fun stuff.

melody said...

Oh! My son, Mac, (asperger's syndrome) will totally adore this organizational system for Legos.

However, he will never "organize" his dirty clothes? *sad face me*

How are you?!

Tracey said...

Rose, I miss your blog posts. This one makes me smile because I can FEEL your pain. My son is a lego maniac too and I find them in the shower!!! Just yesterday I picked one up off the bathroom floor. They are like little sneaky bugs. :)

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Soooo familiar! I love those clear containers. So perfect.

I'm falling in love with your blog and feel the need to follow along, now!

Golightly said...

@Mandy, there are also some great stop action Lego movies on Youtube that my husband and Harrison watch, it's inspired them to make some movies that I have yet to post! (I'm working on that!)

@Melody, heck Harrison won't organize his clothes either (and currently the Legos are once again scattered through his room! Sigh)

@Tracey, sisters in Lego pain!

@Dina, welcome! and thank you for your kind comments! I've been neglectful as of late, but there are too many precious moments that I have already lost and I don't want to lose any more!

Yara said...

I'm glad you tagged this post, because I had forgotten about your brilliant Lego solution.
And wouldn't you know it, I happen to need a Lego solution right now. I will be heading to JoAnn's very soon to pick up just a couple of boxes. We don't have too many small Lego sets... yet!

Golightly said...

Yeah, Yara! Glad to be of help!