Friday, April 2, 2010

Photo Story Friday - We have a Poltergeist!

That's what the G.I.D. said when he came out to the living room to tell me I needed to come see something.

"Oh no", I thought, wondering what I would find. After all Harrison is going through a second phase of turning on the light to play after bedtime. Only now days he's not upstairs in the back of the house, he's just down the hall.

When I glanced in his room, he lay crashed in his bed with Legos all around him, on the floor, dresser, bed and in his sleeping hands. When he went to bed, his room was clean, his Legos were tucked away in the closet waiting for a new day.

Frankly, I breathed a sigh of relief in that it wasn't another "No David" incident. (By the way, we haven't read that book since that incident. And I didn't send him off for counseling either...)

Two things struck us about this scenerio (not to mention he was JUST DOWN THE HALL):

a) Once again we didn't hear him. (and have I mentioned we're only down the hall...) Apparently we were too engrossed in the final season of Lost. Either that, or he is the stealth bomber of five-year-olds. Not. A. Sound. - but deadly serious in his after bedtime play.

b) Is the vintage dog, strategically placed to watch the door, really that good of a look-out? Does Harrison know something about that dog that we don't know?

The dog put there. Random.

We have our hands full with this one, oh yes, it's just beginning... He's a sneaky one.

I love how he just plays until he falls asleep, toys in hand and words on lips (but I'm really going to have to move that lamp).

No child was awakened in the making of this moment.

PhotoStory Friday
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amy said...

oh my goodness that is hilarious. i love the lego held in his hand. great pics

HipMomma said...

That is TOO funny. Apparently you work him so hard during the day that the only time he has to play is after bed time. Sssshhh. don't wake the playing child.

(Ah, I can sign on here just fine.)

Julie said...

cute! I used to have my kids clean up their room before they went to bed...but now it seems silly! They just make a whole new mess after I leave the room. Looks familiar ;).

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That is so cute. My son often falls asleep with his toys around him too. I used to do the same thing as a kid only it was My Little Ponies and stuffed animals!

natalie said...

We have a TV monitor in M's room. She has NO idea that we can see her on it, so whenever she hops out of bed (to get another book, find a toy, OR turn on the light), we use our super-technological savvy intercom system (screaming loud enough to be heard through the vents) "GET BACK IN BED NOW!" or "TURN THE LIGHT OFF NOW!" She thinks we can see her all the time. We laugh hysterically to see her run across her room to turn the light switch and then catapult back into her bed.

I think you might have to resort to bars on the window when he's about...oh, 6.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love that. I love when they are so busy and happy and filled with adventure that they just fall asleep right in the middle of everything. My son did that last night. I can't believe how quickly the time goes... Truly.

Cecily R said...

Stelth bomber of five year olds...HAHAHAHA! Awesome.

Love the pictures. My favorite? The close up of his cute little kid hand gripping that red lego. Perfection!!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

It's amazing just how quiet kids can be when they are trying to getaway with something they know they are not suppose to be doing! He's pretty good with those legos!

Cara said...

This is great, I love all the photos. The last one is the best. My youngest is going to be like that. I find him playing with cars in the dark in the middle of the night by the gate at the top of the steps. He is not tall enough to turn o the lights yet.