Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Harrison!

The other night I opened the door from our living room to head upstairs for bed; but the door wouldn't open, there was something heavy blocking it.
My heart skipped a beat as multiple scenarios raced through my mind in the split second it took to focus in on the dark floor. I saw something white that at first looked like a paw of our dog who has been gone for over a month. Then I realized, lying in a heap on the floor against the door was Harrison - wrapped in his big blue blanket, fast asleep.

I have no idea how long he lay there because we didn't hear a peep.

I picked him up and took him upstairs to his room. As I stepped across the threshold I stopped in my tracks; I couldn't walk any further. In the darkness I could see that something was amiss.
Or... a lot of things were a mess.

I carefully stepped over blocks and books and animals and toys to lay him down. I called the G.I.D. up and turned on Harrison's light, he was shocked. Honestly, we were disturbed. This was so unlike Harrison; and for all of the - destruction - we didn't hear a thing! I mean, seriously, he emptied shelving units, storage buckets (and then stacked them) and baskets of books. This took TIME. It looked like a child through a fit with arms flailing, clearing flat surfaces and throwing things. 
BUT - we. did. not. hear. a. thing.

The next morning Harrison woke and called for me, as I came in and he asked, "you turned out my light?"

"Um, no. I put you back in bed after you fell asleep downstairs..."

"Oh yeah..." he smiled with a remembering chuckle, "I turned out my light."

"I see you were busy last night."

"I was gentle with my toys, Mommy..." he proudly announced,  "and very quiet!"
As I glanced once more at the toys
and books strewn throughout the room
  I had to know... I need to take him to a child psychologist or call a specialist in paranormal activity for a possible poltergeist??

So I asked...
"Harrison, why did you do all this?"

"I wanted to be like David."


Then it dawned on me, the one reason I didn't like a particular book; because not only will kids try things they see on the TV, they will also try things they see in books.

Case in point:
It ended up in a pile of quarter books from a book sale. And we had read it the night before. I paged through the book and found Harrison's inspiration.
And Harrison said, "See mommy, David gets to watch a show!"

Then he was painfully reminded that his name is NOT David and that HE would be picking up some toys before watching a show any time soon.

At least it's not a poltergeist! 


Yara said...

Oh my.... Good reason to never ever read that book!

Christina said...


I'm sorry, but I couldn't hold it in. TOO FUNNY!

I have been met by similar scenes of chaos before...but I've never heard that explaination before!

natalie said...

Oh, I've missed that hilarious Harrison!!!! He is TOO funny! I'm sure you get tired of the hilariousness all the time, but for those of us who only know cyber Harrison, he's just too much.