Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear Aunt Chris,

A few weeks ago we went to a party for our friend, the #1 Lucy Fan and thought of you so we saved you a special candy bar!

I forgot it was being saved for you.
You see…

I ate it! [even though I wasn’t supposed to and didn’t ask if I could]

I’m so sorry! I couldn’t help myself, it sat there for days, beckoning me to feast on it. Finally, after mommy told me no more snacks - I had to wait for dinner, I spotted it. I tried to run; but my feet were caught in the quicksand of temptation! AND it called to me.
And I was SO hungry! So when no one was looking at me, I grabbed it, and sat under the table, and savored every bite; or should I say BOTH bites since I only had two bites before I felt really guilty and told mommy what I did right away.

chocolate-0169{this is my sad look}

I can tell you for sure, that mom and dad were NOT happy with me for eating your “I Love Lucy” candy bar. (but as I marched to my room in defeat for not listening and waiting for dinner or asking first before eating candy, they were secretly giggling that I sneaked  under the table to eat it in the first place.)

If it’s any consolation… It tasted really good.

The good news is that we have another one! Although Mom and Dad have hidden that one from me quite well; I don't know why, I learned my lesson. I always ask first
well almost always.

Your God-Son, Harrison

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